McCain’s Al-Nusra Rebels In Syria Murdered Roman Catholic Priest Fr. François

McCain Treason

U.S. Senator Treasonist John McCain With Taxpayer Armed Al-Qaeda [ale – CIA – duh] In Syria.

father francois murad

On Sunday, June 23 the Syrian Roman Catholic Priest François Murad was murdered in Gassanieh, in northern Syria, in the convent of the [Custody of the Holy Land] where he had taken refuge. This is confirmed by a statement of the Custos of the Holy Land sent to Fides Agency.

The circumstances of the death are not fully understood. According to local sources, the monastery where Fr. Murad was staying was attacked by militants linked to the [CIA American Backed Rebels] jihadi group Jabhat al-Nusra.


Last week [April 2013] the Al Nusra Front, the military backbone of the US-sponsored Syrian opposition, openly swore its loyalty to Al Qaeda.

Al Nusra leader Abu Mohammed al-Golani pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, the Egyptian-born cleric who served for many years as Osama bin Laden’s second-in-command. WSWS

The Obama administration is directly aiding terrorists with its decision to arm the rebels with heavy weaponry. Despite efforts to differentiate between FSA militants and Al-Qaeda terrorists, the two groups have clearly merged into a single force.

robin cook 2

Father François, 49, had taken the first steps in the religious life with the Franciscan Friars of the [Custody of the Holy Land], and with them he continued to share close bonds of spiritual friendship. After being ordained a priest he had started the construction of a coenobitic monastery dedicated to St. Simon Stylites in the village of Gassanieh. After the start of the Civil War, the monastery of St. Simon had been bombed and Fr. Murad had moved to the [convent of the Custody] for safety reasons and to give support to the remaining few, along with another religious and nuns of the Rosary.

“Let us pray,” writes the Custos of the Holy Land Pierbattista Pizzaballa OFM ” so that this absurd and shameful war ends soon and that the people of Syria can go back to living a normal life.” Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo, titular of the Syrian Catholic archeparchy in Hassaké-Nisibis reports to Fides: “The whole story of Christians in the Middle East is marked and made fruitful by the blood of the martyrs of many persecutions. Lately, father Murad sent me some messages that clearly showed how conscious he was of living in a dangerous situation, and offered his life for peace in Syria and around the world.

Robin Cook

-In a recent video, US backed al Qaeda Rebel Children in Syria, on terror training hailed 911 attack and Al Zawahiri.

– Jabhat al-Nusra is now the leading front line fighting force in Syria and is commanding the other rebel groups.

– In April, the head of Jabhat al-Nusra pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri.

– FSA rebels are defecting to Jabhat al-Nusra in droves.

– Immediately after the State Department declared Jabhat al-Nusra a terrorist organization, 29 different FSA rebel outfits pledged allegiance to the Al-Qaeda group.

– FSA rebels have vowed to “fight the U.S.” once they finish with Bashar Al-Assad.

– FSA rebels have been filmed burning US and Israeli flags on more than one occasion.

– FSA rebels have been filmed on previous occasions singing songs that glorify Osama Bin Laden and the 9/11 attacks.

– One FSA group even calls its fighting unit the “Osama Bin Laden” brigade.

– Another video shows FSA rebels chanting, “We are all with Osama bin Laden!”

– FSA rebels have voiced their desire to see the Al-Qaeda flag fly over the White House once the rebels are victorious across the region.

– FSA rebels recently massacred an entire village of Christians while last week they slaughtered a 14-year-old boy for supposedly insulting Mohammed.


After being downplayed for well over a year, the reality that Al-Qaeda terrorists are leading the other rebel groups in Syria, and that the Obama administration is set to arm extremist radicals who will later pose a direct threat to American national security, is now widely accepted.

cia war script

Even the Mayor of London Boris Johnson broke ranks with British Prime Minister David Cameron earlier this week to warn that there was no way to prevent such weapons reaching “Al-Qaeda-affiliated thugs” and that western powers would be “pressing weapons into the hands of maniacs”.


President Putin To Rothschild Czar David Cameron Of England: Do You Want to Arm People Who Eat The Organs Of Their Enemies?

News Rescue

(some of)

United State’s Internal Enemies

Soros Kerry


Rothschild Czar Secretary of State [sic]  John Kerry “vociferously” pushes for air strike On Syria

McCain, Lieberman, & Graham are all Rothschild Agents Within The United States Congress.
McCain, Lieberman, & Graham are all Rothschild Agents Within The United States Congress.
Homosexual Joseph Lieberman
Homosexual Joe Lieberman

Rothschild Czar Joe Lieberman

Satan To Distance Self From Rothschild, Soros, McCain, Bloomberg, Lieberman, Reid, Rockefeller, & Maurice Strong!

Repealing Of Deadbeat Senators McCain & Lieberman’s Indefinite Detention Of U.S. Citizens: List Of DEADBEAT SENATORS Who Insisted On Removing U.S. Citizens Miranda Rights And Detaining Them In Prison Indefinitely!

Breaking => Rothschild Banking Operatives Obama, McCain, Lieberman, & Graham: Unleashes Mercenary Terror ”TIDAL WAVE” Over North Africa!

Americans Born To Be Wasted: Impeach Lieberman, Obama & McCain For Permanent War Policy!

Lieberman Must Live With A Traitor’s Conscience!

Remember -> Communist Joe Lieberman, Accepts Fraudulent Science Data For America’s Republic: U.S. Senate Found Crooked Scientists Obstructed, Concealed, Manipulated, Colluded, & Lobbied Influence Upon Political Processes For Climate Scheme.

U.S. Senate EPW Committee: Found Climate Scientists Obstructed, Concealed, Manipulated, Colluded, & Lobbied Influence Upon Political Processes. Still British Agent Lieberman Goes Forward!

Homosexual Lindsey Graham

Rothschild Czar Lindsey Graham

Graham is one of the most bought-and-paid for political prostitutes in Washington, D.C.

according to a devastating new report from the Center for Public Integrity.

Graham: Special Interest War Whore

Lindsey Graham’s Closet Secret : Sodomy!

McCain and Graham push for US to invade Syria — RT USA

Senators McCain, Graham demand no-fly zone in Syria – The Hill

Graham calls for American boots on the ground in Syria | The Cable

Senator Graham’s Sodomy Scandal Goes National and Viral…

Lindsey Graham Sleeper Cell For Rothschild: Seeks Amnesty For 11,000,000 New Liberals!

Bank Cabal’s $6.3 Trillion Senate Amnesty Bill: Adds Illegal Immigrant Population Equivalent To 20 New Cities onto U.S. Taxpayer’s Welfare System!

Michigan Unanimously Nullifies Lindsey Graham’s Unconstitutional NDAA Rule: Graham Wants Boston Suspect Held Without Constitutional Rights.

Blackmail Or Coincidences Rampant? : 1st. Obama Mistress Vera Baker With Full Pay To Martinique (Still Enslaved) – 2nd. (Released) Lindsey Graham Immediately Withdraws Support Of Amnesty & Energy Bill.

Council On Foreign Affair's McCain ~ Fomenting War In Libya Through 'humanitarian auspice' to obtain in the end Libya Gold/Silver/& Establish Rothschild Central Bank. This to ultimately lead to World Banking Via Rothschild & The Demise Of The U.S. Republic and replaced by thug democracy!
Council On Foreign Affair’s McCain ~ Fomenting War In Libya Through ‘humanitarian auspice’ to obtain in the end Libya Gold/Silver/& Establish Rothschild Central Bank.

State Of Michigan Nullifies John McCain’s Orchestrated NDAA Anti Habeas Corpus!

Montana Votes 20-0 Defending The Bill Of Rights Nullifying McCain’s Anti-NDAA Rule.

Virginia Has Outlawed Deadbeat Senator McCain’s NDAA ~ The Nazi ‘Indefinite Detention Rule’

Americans Born To Be Wasted: Impeach Lieberman, Obama & McCain For Permanent War Policy!

Super Pacs, Facebook & Psy-Ops: Lying To America ~ McCain’s CFR Control Of Propaganda News!

The Rothschild Henchmen Behind Barack Obama: Banker’s Trilateral Commission, Brzezinski, McCain

Russia’s Vladimir Putin Does A 1776 Revolution On Rothschild’s Ass: John McCain’s Seditious Magnitsky Act!

Americans Want McCain To Stop Fomenting Riots In Syria For NWO Rothschild: Russia Sends Mig-29s For Syria’s President Assad.

John McCain Destabilizes Syria For Rothschild NWO Banking Cabal: McCain Does To Syria As Holder Did To Mexico ~ Arms Terrorists!

Remembering When Rothschild Thug McCain Introduced Bill S 3002 to Kill Nutritional Supplement Access To American Citizens.

Arizona Overturns U.S. Federal Judge Lohier & Nullifies McCain’s NDAA Protecting Citizens’ Miranda Rights & From Indefinite Detention!

McCain And The List Of The Other Belligerent 54 Corrupt Senators ~ Who Blocked Removal Of Language Detaining Americans In The NDAA Bill.

Pope Benedict XVI Condemns Banking Cartel’s Reality Replacement: Such As McCain’s CFR, Rothschild’s Bank Bailouts, & Citizen Debt Enslavement!

Russia Prepares Syria For War Against Obama & McCain: Usurped U.S. Carrier Strike Force Enters Syrian Waters! Russia’s Carrier Strike Force Enters Syrian Waters!

Repealing Of Deadbeat Senators McCain & Lieberman’s Indefinite Detention Of U.S. Citizens: List Of DEADBEAT SENATORS Who Insisted On Removing U.S. Citizens Miranda Rights And Detaining Them In Prison Indefinitely!

mccain lieberman rothschild

Newsweek Covers Up McCain’s Rothschild Mob Ties: Federal Reserve Charter Up For Renewal 2013 ~ McCain Wants Another War For His Boss!

  2. Obama’s Secrets And Lies Of The Bailouts: Tarp Ceiling Was Secretly Raised 117 Times ~ RollingStone
  3. RollingStone The Fed’s aka; Rothschild’s Magic Money-Printing Machine: Usurping U.S. Gold Backed Currency!
  4. ROLLING STONE: “Conspiracy Theorists Of The World, Believers In The Hidden Hands Of The Rothschilds, We Skeptics Owe You An Apology.”
  5. Banking Cabal Gone Wild: How The U.S. Citizens Were Deceived About The Rothschild International “PAPER” Bail-In Regime: The Innocuous Corrupt Dodd-Frank Bill.

BREAKING => Montanans Announce Recall Of NDAA Supporting Senators Max Baucus And Jonathan Tester.

How Did Your Senator Vote To Send 20 F-16′s Fighter Jets & 200 Abram Tanks To The Christian Crucifying Muslim Brotherhood?

Montana Senators [sic] Max Baucus & Jon Tester Send Military Aid To U.S. Enemy ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ Who Are Crucifying Christians!

Communist From Montana Senator (sic) John Tester: Introduces Bill For Obama To Confiscate Land In The Name Of NAZI Paradigm EPA aka; Agenda 21.



9/11 Completely Unmasked: Black 9/11~ Money, Motive, Technology, & Deniability!

CIA, Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., & Barack Obama Indicted By Congressional “Constitutional Task Force” For Crimes Against Humanity!

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