Sociopathic Western bank Hoarders Creating Hell On Earth!

Smooth Talking Sociopath Chris Christie
Smooth Talking Sociopath Chris Christie

With the world continuing to face great uncertainty today, a man who has been involved in the financial markets for 50 years, and whose business partner is billionaire Eric Sprott, spoke with King World News about the historic events taking place in global financial markets, as well as the “Orwellian world in which we now reside.”

He also warned that “humanity has hell to pay because of what these sociopathic Western central planners are doing.” Below is what John Embry had to say in this powerful interview.

Embry:  “I’m focused on the activity in the markets late last week, as a result of what I consider to be questionable economic releases by the US government….


At KWN, Embry and Roberts on falsification of U.S. economic data

“On Thursday they came forward with an upward revision of the 3rd quarter GDP, from 2.3%, to 2.8% — all of which was driven by business inventory accumulation and less imports.  Neither of those are a positive indication of economic activity, and yet this was used as a cover to drive gold down some $20 to $30 that day.

And the vast majority of the drop occurred on the Comex, as 16,000 contracts [Paper Derivatives] were dumped in the first 5 minutes of trading.  That’s 1.6 million ounces of paper gold, which is 2% of the entire annual global production of gold.  No market can withstand that kind of artificial [defrauding] pressure.

This wasn’t some profit-seeking seller.  Instead, it was somebody intentionally manipulating the price lower on bogus economic numbers.

So, they upped the ante the next morning and came forward with this phony jobs number, which was twice what the consensus was expecting.  All of this so-called job growth was taking place in an economy where the consumer is in fact shrinking.

america poverty

So, none of these numbers that are being reported by the US government can be trusted. 

It appears that they just report whatever they have to in order to get a market reaction.  Regardless, on Friday morning they dumped 20,000 contracts [Paper Derivatives] in the first 5 minutes of trading on the Comex.  Well, not surprisingly the gold price fell another $20 at that time.

Silver 5Xs More Rare Than Gold
Silver 5Xs More Rare Than Gold

All of this is indicative of the ‘Orwellian’ world in which we now reside, but the reality is that financial assets continue to get more stretched on the upside, while gold and silver just get cheaper and cheaper.  How long will this continue?  Who knows, but in the fullness of time, and for those who can stomach the pressure, this is an unbelievable opportunity.”

Embry elaborated on the Orwellian nightmare:

“There was a lot of talk last week that the strength of the euro was hurting the European economy.  All of a sudden, out comes Draghi and the ECB with a surprise rate cut.  At the same time, out comes the US with their ‘robust’ economic numbers, which just added to the dollar strength and euro weakness.

I think all of this was orchestrated because Western central planners are keenly aware that if something goes wrong in Europe, it backs up immediately into the United States.

So, all of this is being orchestrated because they are trying to deal with a problem to which there is no real solution, and the only thing that matters anymore to central planners is buying time.

I’ve been in this business for many decades, and one of the things I’ve learned to appreciate is human ingenuity and the ability to hold things together a lot longer than the rational mind might otherwise think.  This time, ironically, I think the major thing keeping the system together is the use of derivatives.

President Andrew Jackson
President Andrew Jackson

The Western central planners can fabricate seemingly endless amounts of derivatives. 

So, while they are ultimately destabilizing to the financial system, in the short-run they are used to keep the system churning along.  That’s why there are over one quadrillion dollars of notional derivatives outstanding.



Looming Crash Of Rothschild Fed-Fueled Bubble Economy: Fed Reserve’s Charter Expires 2013!

These derivatives are polluting the banking system of the world — not just the United States, but the whole world.  Now, because so many of them are interest rate related, they have to keep interest rates down.  If interest rates were to move up sharply, the derivate bomb would be detonated, and the banking system would implode.

The bottom line is they have to create all of this money in order to prevent the derivative bomb from detonating, but the harsh reality is nothing can be done at this point to create a pleasant outcome.  This guarantees ‘QE-to-infinity,’ which eventually ends up in some form of currency destruction and hyperinflation.

Fraudulent Derivative Paper Bomb
Fraudulent Derivative Paper Bomb

You Think Flooding The U.S. With QE4 Is Bad ~ Well You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet: Japan & European Central Bank Printed Funny Money Is Coming To America! This “NEXT” Mafia “BUBBLE” Scheme To Usurp The United States Must Be Stopped Now!

People seem to think hyperinflation can’t happen because demand is ‘insufficient’ in the economy.  Hyperinflation isn’t an economy related event, it’s a currency related event, and you can destroy all of the paper currencies in the world if you create enough of them.”

Embry concluded with this warning:  “I wouldn’t be nearly as critical, or in the least bit negative, if I thought everything that was taking place was moving towards a better solution for society.  But it isn’t.  Humanity is going to end up with a much worse outcome, and that’s why I am so angry.

As I said, in order to keep the derivative bomb from detonating, the central planners have to continue to create enormous quantities of liquidity (money), and the consequence of that is financial bubbles forming in all sectors — sovereign bonds, stocks, and real estate.

Bill Clinton Repeals The Glass Steagall Act in 1999 allowing Banks to invest depositor's hard earned cash in high risk bubbles.
Bill Clinton Repeals The Glass Steagall Act in 1999 allowing Banks to invest depositor’s hard earned cash in high risk bubbles.

There has never been an example in history where this type of thing has occurred where it hasn’t ended in a disaster.

But this time it is happening on ‘steroids.’ 

This is on a much grander scale than anything we have seen in history.  This means the subsequent ‘disaster’ will also be on a much grander scale than anything we have seen in history.

The bottom line is humanity has hell to pay because of what these sociopathic Western central planners are doing.”

Eric King

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