Father Of The U.S. Financial Debacle: Bill Clinton Allowed The Banks To Manipulate The Markets Beginning In 1999:

Jeffrey Steinberg is interviewed on the processes which we now know to have directly motivated the takedown of one of FDR’s most important acts to safeguard the United States economy from hostile, foreign and colluding, traitorous elements.

This safeguard is, the Wall-Street feared Glass-Steagall Act, which enforces a strict separation of commercial and investment banking.

Experience has shown this to be essential to any healthy economy, contrary to what the lies and propaganda efforts disseminated up to its 1999 repeal imply.

Bill Clinton Repeals The Glass Steagall Act in 1999 allowing Banks to speculatively invest depositor's hard earned cash to create fiat bubbles. Then the 'paper derivatives' Gut Real Value replacing it with massive orchestrated debt.
Bill Clinton Repeals The Glass Steagall Act in 1999 allowing Banks to speculatively invest depositor’s hard earned cash in high risk investments.

Whether it were the fruit of ignorance or other folly, the 1999 repeal of the 1933 Glass-Steagall law, has had an effect comparable to that which might have been brought about through an explicit act of treason against our United States.

Among nations other than our own, their lack of a standard of law equivalent to Glass-Steagall is, in effect, a fruit of either culpable malice or of a folly of ignorance. In the case of our own nation, the principle expressed as the 1933 Glass-Steagall law, had been a return to the argument which prompted the crafting of our Federal Constitution.

Clinton pleasure island

The resulting wave of a wild-eyed stampede of accelerating inflation, since the beginning of 2001, has been the result of the termination of Glass-Steagall. The wild-eyed bubble of skyrocketing real-estate mortgage speculation, and related Wall Street forms of John Law-like hyperinflation in all speculative markets of the trans-Atlantic region of the world, have been the continuing consequences.

On this point, there was never an honest sort of ignorance in the implicitly treasonous motive expressed by J.P. Morgan‘s agent Alan Greenspan, in launching the undermining, and subsequent repeal of Glass-Steagall.

He, like many among that horrid pestilence known as “Wall Street,” have represented, ever since Judge Lowell’s evil days following the Seven Years War, a horrid pestilence planted in the likeness of a filthy disease spread by our republic’s speculator class. The truth today, is “Glass-Steagall today, or die.” Executive Intelligence Review


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