The Mueller/London Deep State Subversion Is In Trouble: House Intelligence Committee

Comey, Mueller, and Rosenstein: The Three Amigos from the Deep State

Yesterday in Washington, D.C. a team of volunteers delivered hard copy of the LaRouchePAC Special Investigative Report, “Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job If You Let Him,” to all 100 Senate offices on Capitol Hill, and relevant committees.

This comes amidst a wave of Congressional interrogations and statements about the culpability of a network across the Justice Department, FBI, and British intelligence, acting over recent years to attempt to thwart the Donald Trump candidacy and Presidency in particular, and to prevent any initiative in general, for the U.S. to have productive foreign relations with Russia, China and others, and to make a profound upshift in the U.S. economy.

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America’s Nuremberg Right Around The Corner. Click To Enlarge

Andrew McCabe.

This Deputy Director of the FBI is prominent among the subversives. Today he was called before the House Intelligence Committee, to answer for his many wrongdoings over the past year. Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) yesterday said to just fire him. “He oughta be replaced.” Grassley said it was a job for Christopher Wray, the new FBI Director. Judicial Watch Forces FBI Mueller To Admit To New Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Docs: This Piece Of Shit Is Still Cashing A U.S. Paycheck.  ~ Retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent Sues Justice Department for Records About Top FBI Official “McCabe” Ties to Top Clinton Ally

Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

This Representative (D-FL) headed the Democratic National Committee, during the time the DNC commissioned the Washington, D.C.-based Fusion GPS to dish dirt on Trump, which job was contracted to “ex”-British intelligence agent Christopher Steele. Wasserman Schultz was called to answer for this yesterday, before the House Intelligence Committee. Wasserman Head Of DNC Poses As Threat To National Security

Michael Sussman.

This attorney acted to make DNC payments to the Fusion GPS firm, to in turn pay the London-based Steele for the dirty dossier. Sussman was to appear yesterday for questioning, before the House Intelligence Committee.

Bruce Ohr.

This demoted, former Associate Deputy Attorney General conducted operations with the [deep state] British and Fusion GPS, in addition to having his wife work for the latter in 2016. His appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee has been postponed from yesterday, until later this week, because the Committee has just come into possession of new, relevant evidence. And there are more, lesser witnesses.

We are at the stage where the pattern of illegal, immoral actions is blatantly obvious. Coverage has even broken out in the European media. In Denmark, the Berlingske Tidenderan an article on the scandal this week, headlined: “Did Obama’s Bureaucrats Make Shady Plans Against Trump?”; with the kicker:

“Sensational new revelations in the U.S. seem to show that President Obama’s leading bureaucrats in the FBI and the Justice Department, made plans to prevent Trump from being elected, and that afterwards, he should be toppled by a salacious report.” BREAKING: Intel Officer Reveals Investigation Likely To Result In Obama Being Charged With Felony Indictment

For the U.S., Constitutional government itself is at stake. It is a time of breaking developments, many of which we have instigated, and can use to finally bring down the enemy operations, and make way for ending the old era of [Keynesian] economic decline and geopolitics. Hidden Keynesian Government Forcing Taxpayers To Finance Their Own Destruction

Today, statements calling on the U.S. to do just that, came from Russia and China, in response to the issuance yesterday by the White House, of its new “National Security Strategy” (which was commissioned by Congress). The 68-page document is mostly warmed-over Old Paradigm [Rothschild Pablum] formulations, presenting, as it states, ways for the United States [ah Rothschild deep state] “to succeed in 21st century geopolitical competition.”

The Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. called on the U.S. to abandon such “outmoded thinking.” Win-win relations are the order of the day. “The Chinese side is willing to have peaceful coexistence with all countries of the world, including the [Real] United States on the basis of mutual respect.”

Today, 10,000 copies came off the presses of the LaRouchePAC policy report, “LaRouche’s Four Laws: The Physical Economic Principles for the Recovery of the United States—America’s Future on the New Silk Road.” China Launching “Petroyuan” In Two Months ~ December 2017

Larouche PAC

Rothschild ~ Ready For Nuremberg?

The Zionist Elite Have Lost The Consent Of The Governed: Meet The Lecters!

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One thought on “The Mueller/London Deep State Subversion Is In Trouble: House Intelligence Committee

  1. Sent: Wednesday, February 24, 2021

    The LaRouche Organization

    Press statement from Helga Zepp-LaRouche

    Mark: Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the founder and international leader of the international Schiller Institute and widow of the renowned American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche, announced today that, through counsel, she has issued a letter to the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC) and its Treasurer, Barbara Boyd, demanding that they “immediately cease and desist, both now and in the future” from “using Mr. LaRouche’s name, likeness, and potentially other confusingly similar terms.” The letter states that such use “is likely to cause confusion among consumers since they may believe that you [Boyd] (as an individual), LPAC, and/or the goods and services being offered are somehow associated with, licensed by, or authorized by our Client [Helga Zepp-LaRouche].” Among the remedies required are that Boyd and LPAC “Immediately take all necessary actions to change the name of your political action committee, and the name of any Affiliated Entities, to one that does not include the term ‘Lyndon,’ ‘LaRouche,’ or any formative or iteration thereof, and agree to refrain from using the infringing terms now and in the future on any website, company e-mails, letter head, advertisements, or other marketing literature or correspondence.”

    To provide the background and context for this action, Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche issued the following statement:

    “What had been since 2004 the official website of the political action committee founded by my late husband Lyndon LaRouche, the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC), has had its content taken over by a group of individuals associated with Barbara Boyd, the Treasurer of that PAC, in a direction which I consider contrary to the central policies that my husband stood for. While my husband was still alive, he was responsible for the overall policy direction of the PAC. But since he passed away in February 2019, Mrs. Boyd and her associates, without my permission, have taken over the content of the website and the PAC’s activities as a whole and have embarked on a path that I believe misrepresents both my and Mr. LaRouche’s positions.

    “My requests for the PAC to adhere to the policies of the LaRouche movement and to not associate the LaRouche name with policies that were inconsistent with our views, which started to occur within the PAC immediately after the death of Mr. LaRouche, were rebuked to such an extent that Mrs. Boyd and a group of individuals sharing her views issued a document in November 2020 proclaiming their ‘irrevocable’ independence from the leadership of the LaRouche movement, myself included, founded by my husband over 50 years ago.

    “While paying lip service to some of Lyndon LaRouche’s ideas, and using video footage of him, in reality the political positions of the PAC increasingly diverged from the policies of the LaRouche movement and my late husband by, for example, excluding any substantive evaluation of the international strategic situation, in favor of focusing almost entirely on internal U.S. politics, principally on issues that were in line with the policies of Donald Trump. They increasingly failed to publish articles and videos that were critical of Trump on topics on which Lyndon LaRouche had personally frequently criticized Trump, such as his praise of the Wall Street financial bubble; the anti-China policies that came to dominate his presidency; and so on. For example:

    “In a Jan. 26, 2021 video posted on the LPAC site under the headline ‘Make Impeachment Drive Backfire, Build Movement to Rescue Republic,’ Barbara Boyd stated: ‘If you believe they [people] are beasts and that you can have a social credit system, which is really what we’re putting into place here with the cancel culture—if you behave certain ways, you get social credits for doing x, y, z, and w; if you’re nasty or make stupid comments, or step out of line, you get negative credits. That’s what they do in China. That’s what they do in any totalitarian society.’

    “These positions reflect the beliefs of Mrs. Boyd, not Mr. LaRouche or the LaRouche movement. I disagree fully with that characterization of China, and Lyndon LaRouche expressed beliefs to the contrary of this characterization repeatedly throughout his life.

    “As the mischaracterizations of Mr. LaRouche’s political positions grew, I and the vast majority of the members of the LaRouche movement, both in the United States and internationally, felt we had no other choice than to support the creation of a new organization and associated website: ‘The LaRouche Organization’ (TLO), founded in December 2020, to ensure Mr. LaRouche’s name and likeness are only associated with his true policies and positions. The difference between TLO and the PAC becomes clear if, as one example, one compares the intention expressed in the TLO founding statement ‘Who We Are,’ which says:

    “‘The sole purpose of The LaRouche Organization (TLO) is the dissemination of the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche and the spread of his life’s work, his analytical and scientific method of thinking, with the intention of realizing the solutions he offered to the many crises now facing mankind.’

    “Contrast this to the February 14 ‘marching orders’ expressed on the LPAC site under the rubric ‘Your Role in the “New Politics”’: ‘Do battle for the Republican Party; force the traitors and the “weak ones” out, and restore it to the tradition of Abraham Lincoln.’

    “Mrs. Boyd and her associates launched a redesigned website for the PAC in February 2021, which notably excludes two pages or topics which were formerly there:

    “First, the extremely rich documentation of the 40 years of organizing activities that Lyndon LaRouche and his international associates were involved in across five continents of the planet. Intentionally or not, I believe that removing that history gives the false impression that Mr. LaRouche was only concerned about matters in the U.S. This negates his passionate commitment to mankind as a whole.

    “Second, the new PAC website also omits the record of the role of Mr. LaRouche and his international movement in the evolution of a new paradigm around the New Silk Road. Mr. LaRouche wrote numerous economic programs for Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe beginning in the 1970s, and he spent a good portion of his life working and campaigning in and for the development of these countries.

    “Mrs. Boyd and her associates have every right to establish a political action committee to express the views of Mrs. Boyd; but I believe they do a grave disservice to the late Lyndon LaRouche by misrepresenting — by commission and omission — his views by associating his name with their endeavor. For all of these reasons, we have hired legal counsel to stop all use of Lyndon LaRouche’s name and likeness by the PAC and to preserve the integrity of his vast work.”

    For further information, contact or (551) 209-3978

    The LaRouche Organization · NJ 07601, United States
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