Banking Cartel Struck Again On Friday September 21, 2012: They Sold 62.5 Million Ounces Of FAKE Paper Silver To The Comex aka; Auction House!

COMEX operates as part of The CME Group, the result of a merger between the Chicago Board of Trade and the ChicagoMercantile Exchange. The COMEX, operates like a board of trade or exchange — a platform whereby financial instruments are traded.

Just as with other exchanges, there is an underlying good or item represented by futures and options agreements, according to the New York City-based investment products business Dreyfus. In the case of COMEX, the underlying goods to be traded are metals, including gold, silver and copper.

 Key Comex Dates for Gold and Silver To Year End

People yelling & screaming buy ~ sell on a new day for business. Completely insane imo!

After silver exploded through $35 on this today’s COMEX open, we wrote this morning that “should silver hold @ $35 through today’s weekly close, the metal would quickly run to $37-$37.50 early next week as a massive short squeeze developed.

The cartel understood the predicament they were in, and responded with a massive paper dump on the market to stuff price back below $35.

President Billy Clinton gave this [illegal artificial stuffing] a VENUE to use, by repealing The Glass Steagall Act in 1999. This allowed The Banking Cartel to “derive” value from some “other source” to back whatever it is they are selling. Think of it as a “co-signer” on a mortgage “but not”. Clinton’s repeal also allowed a VENUE for The Housing Bubble to occur by “illegal predatory loans”.

This modus is called “Derivative Paper” which is NOT legal to do. The Cartel is using this to  falsify the (supply/demand) Graphs of REAL Present TANGIBLE SILVER currently in the market place for buying and selling. Silver still in the ground has many economic phases to transcend through before it is marketable. Silver in the ground, is NOT on the same platform as a U.S. Silver Coin in the precious metals store.

But this is exactly what the MAFIA did, they sold Silver “derivative “Paper Notes based upon what THEY think the silver would be valued at (todays prices) if it was actually HERE AND NOW in the market place.

Jeff Steinberg On the Repeal of Glass-Steagall By Billy Clinton In 1999: Banker’s Mechanism To Overload America With Debt Subservience!

Between 10:35 and 10:50am EST, an astonishing 62.5 million ounces of paper silver were indiscriminately dumped on the market to induce the sell-off- nearly twice US annual silver production of 36 million ounces!!

See the red graph to the left where it is spiking? This is where and when the Cartel dumped (sold into) The Comex a whole boat load of SILVER (as the graph sees it. But now I and You know, that it was NON-Tangible Un-mined Fraudulent Paper Notes FOR SILVER OUNCES. It doesn’t exist in marketable form that being mined and processed into a Pure Marketable Asset. Its Fake! But the graph doesn’t know it and the people don’t know it – they think “WOW THE MARKET HAS TONS OF SILVER”so my silver is never going to amount to a hill of beans! BULLSHIT!

The Cartel is caught in what is called a “short squeeze on their previous PAPER SILVER sells – and the market is not REALLY buying this CON.

People and Industry are still buying SILVER as the graph continued to climb there-after. Bottom line – The Cartel is in a WORLD OF HURT right now on this scheme and they will have to come-up with their OWN money to cover this PAPER FRAUD when the COMEX tells them to Produce The Real Tangible SILVER!

Real Silver will soon SPIKE and The Cartel will be left holding the bag, as REAL SILVER is in VERY SHORT SUPPLY above ground!

— Volubrjotr

Must. Not. Allow. Silver. To. Close. Over. $35.
Perhaps there is something to those rumors of JP Morgan silver derivatives losses triggered with silver over $36?

Silver Doctors

JAMES TURK: This Always Ends the Same Way, HYPERINFLATION – $400 Silver & $8,000 Gold Between 2013 – 2015

When the SILVER price finally SPIKES w/o anymore Cartel Paper Work ~ Know This!

The Real Financial Hardships Begin In Earnest!

Especially If Your Only Holding Paper Dollar Bills!

Either By Digital Investments!


Even If You Have The Dollars Stuffed Under Your Mattress!

During Hyperinflation [The Paper Shuffle] Your Assets Can Become Liabilities: The Silver Bullet!

Dr. Ron Paul ~ The Movie Silver Circle ~ Click

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