Deep State U.S. Sends $1 Billion U.S. Taxpayer’s Money To Kiev In Violation Of The Foreign Assistance Act

Detroit to US judge – “This city is bankrupt” – NBC October 23, 2013.

Ohio House Of Representatives: Nullifies Belligerent Obama’s NDAA Indefinite Detention ~ 94 / 2

  1. Barry Soetoro Was In Office for over 4 years – 2009 To October 2013  And Never Helped Detroit.
  2. Instead And On The 5th. Year, He Decided To Violate The Foreign Assistance Act And Send $1 Billion To Ukraine.
  3. Obama Financed (With Our Money $5 Billion) To Overthrow The Constitutional Government Of Ukraine.
  4. Barry Soetoro is a clear & present danger to The United States Of America

Another One On You Tube

Change is coming. It’s happening everywhere in small ways; in ways ignored by those who lie for a living out of the mouths of [Corporate] Bitch Media, the hydra headed monster, whose organ of speech will soon be stuffed with the shit it spews.

Believe what you like but do the right thing, admit that you don’t know. You don’t know one way or the other about Snowden. You don’t.

Assange we know about. Snowden is still unclear. What we do know, or should know, is that the revelations concerning the NSA spying on European leaders is a BIG deal.

The uproar out of Germany and the accusations flying from those caught with their pants down is no small matter.

Obama Idiocracy

It’s not just one thing. It’s not just small things or big things. It’s all kinds of things and the nastiest conclaves and cabals are being bescumbered and drenched in the substance upon which they have relied on for so long. It’s been America’s (and her running dog, whore accomplices) biggest and most well known product in recent times.

This steaming mess of the same, is redolent with fecal compounds beyond anything ever seen before. Don’t tell  me the [Rothschild] hand of the cosmos was not shoulder to the wheel on this one.

These coccydinia generating ninnyhammers are drowning in their own buncombes. These fetid hircismus pits of unrelenting offense have pushed the river up against The Damn of Pass Not and shall drown in the flood of their own cacafuego as the waters catch fire.

The puzzumous fellow travelers, upon this sinking ship of hours come round at last, have had their passports stamped for the nether worlds beyond. Jobernowles and koisters all, are hearing the ass trumpets of The Pit sounding in their honor.

Their rumbustical and toitish personas are melting like the Wicked Witch of the West, as The Hounds of Hell erupt in cacophonous dissonance. If they were twice as smart they would still be stupid cause… look where it got them.

We are on the further rise of critical mass. There are no following hills. We are at that point where, in the next moment, everyone turns in astonishment and asks, “How did we get here?”

Rothschild Czar John Boehner - Regret?  But America Pays Fot it Just The Same. He's A Fraud.
Rothschild Czar John Boehner – Regret?
But America Pays Fot it Just The Same.
He’s A Fraud.

Critical mass has come when small and big calamities attend every big and small act of intended injury, manifested by those who have sidestepped both for far too long. It’s the big loblolly roundup and it’s happening now.


The end is near when fear has been replaced by ridicule. When contempt swallows all apprehension, you know that the shitmeisters have fallen into their own soup. They can’t go forward. They can’t go backwards. They can only go down.


One of the great secrets of irresistible change is that those most responsible for the need of it, are the ones most responsible for bringing it about. We must keep in mind that even the worst among us like Condolezza Rice, Susan Rice, Samantha Power (ladies first-grin), speaking of witches AND lightless slubberdeguillions like Rumsfield, Cheney, the Bush clan; not unlike the Sawney Bean clan and far too many others, will all be redeemed in the far, far off future.


Just as it took them a long time to get to where they got, it will take them easily as long to ♫get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged♫ The universe is perfect, even if it takes forever for it to prove it to us, well, that’s what forever is for. These helminth crawlers will eventually find the light, or it will find them. We have been too long in The Age of the Aeolist, with their clapperdudgeon inheritances. This is what happens when your Eighth House is an outhouse.

The days of America’s Bint Paradise are coming to an end. Your job as a bystander is to become a conscious bystander, who steps back from their participation in assisting in the continuance of your own confinement. Step back and let it fall under it’s own weight. Laugh at Obamacare and ignore it. Ignore the IRS. After all, the corporations do, why shouldn’t you? Let us not come off as a runaway sesquipedalians here… or… what?


Look at the train wreck! Look at the humor! When ridicule replaces fear, you know the end is near. Lead in the water and attendant decadence, juxtaposed to one’s reach exceeding one’s grasp, brought Rome to it’s knees, figuratively and in a pornographically literal sense as well.

Use your imagination …or maybe not. The same thing exists in contempt-orary America and the mindset of the wanna be movers and shakers says it all.

Sure, it’s aluminum chemtrails instead of lead in the pipes this go round. It’s angry birds, screaming over the big beat, Satan worshiping, Dr.Dre headphones, instead of incestuous humping in the palaces and this time the lead is in the head.

They’re not barbecuing in the Iron Bull of Satyricon. They’re flame broiling Palestinians with white phosphorus and Drone burning subsistence farmers in Pakistan and Yemen, Amen.

Where is the shame? Where is the regret and the tears of remorse in the dark night? They are not permitted. The misled are given no opportunity to see, until the moment of revelation comes upon them.

Middle Class Tears.
Middle Class Tears.

The metrosexual meme of the wall to wall mall culture, is toilet twerking in Larry Craigland. The writing on the bathroom walls has become florescent in the minds of the black light dancers. The shining shadow forms, in the false light of The Great White way, are rocking out on the broadway that leadeth to destruction. Selah!

devil 666Take a moment in time to thank Mr. Apocalypse, without whose active participation we would be seeing nothing but the darkness, behind our own closed eyes. If you don’t know by now. If you can’t see by now, you don’t want to, no how.

If you can’t see by now, you have lacked all motivation to do so. You’ve been busy feeding the howling ventriculus and that mini-me microphallus appetites. Insecurity is the natural parent of over compensation.

Louisiana Gulf Butane Sink Hole
Louisiana Gulf Butane Sink Hole

It’s here. The methane creep generated from proximity to Washington D.C is waiting on a match.

The culture has become a ubiquitous pile of dirty rags in the corner of the basements of every official building in the capitals of every Tribe hijacked government of The West.

If you don’t know what’s going on (cause you got that terminal dumbass virus), you don’t want to know.

If you don’t know what’s going on, you’re ‘crimes of omission’ culpable.

If you don’t know what’s going on, you probably wish you were there.

It’s what it is and… so are you.

obama black hole

The weight of evidence is enough to create a black hole. The true definition of irredeemable evil is when you are engaged in it for the sheer joy of performing it.

The rabbit hole is not unlike the world’s intestinal tract.

How much more do you need to see when you have no desire to see?

How much more can you avoid until there is no oxygen left to breathe?

You did not know these things and there is worse, far worse at deeper points, below the festering pustules of moral fracking gone mad.

Down in the deeps where massive unseen monsters breed, horrible crimes are plotted for the sheer joy of performing them.

Chief Greed John Roberts
Chief Greed John Roberts

Did Justice (sic) Roberts Sell His Soul To The Devil: The 16th. Amendment Constitutionally Prohibits The IRS Taxing Personal Income Because One Does Not Purchase A Government Insurance & Is Therefore Legally Avoidable!

You did not know that such creatures walked among us. You did not know how completely they have seduced your leaders in every walk of life. It’s all for the purpose of demon-stration. It is the battle of Armageddon, warming up in the wings.

“We are standing on an endless horizon, facing into the blazing sun, and we have come to Armageddon, just to find the battle won.”

We’ll get there if we don’t give up.

End Transmission…….

Visible Origami

Reverend Harry 'Kane' Reid Of Poltergeist.
Reverend Harry ‘Kane’ Reid Of Poltergeist.
  1. Selling Evil: Anarchist Harry Reid A Rothschild Czar Calls Constitutional Citizens Anarchists!
  2. Harry Reid’s Aide Traced To Terrorist Group: Wife Was Paid Money For His Sham Marriage!
  3. Democrat Harry Reid In ’06: Raising Debt Limit Is The Last Thing We Should Do. Video.

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