Deep State NATO: When You Hit The Bottom Of Stupid You’ll ‘Believe’ Russia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Hungary, China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, & Palestine Are The Aggressors!

eisenhower nato
“I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity.” ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower CLICK to enlarge

I am “not isolationist, but I am ‘America First,’” Donald Trump told The New York times last weekend. “I like the expression.”

  1. Rothschild Bankers Who Screwed Everyone In Ireland Are Finally On Trial: Ireland Joins Iceland, Egypt, Russia, Hungary, China, & Iran

eisenhower security

Of NATO, where the U.S. underwrites three-fourths of the cost of [allegedly] defending Europe [beyond 1961], Trump calls this arrangement “unfair, economically, to us,” and adds, “We will not be ripped off anymore.”

Beltway media may be transfixed with Twitter wars over wives and alleged infidelities. But the ideas Trump aired should ignite a national debate over U.S. overseas [swindling] commitments — especially NATO.

For Donald’s ideas are not lacking for authoritative support.

The first NATO supreme commander, Gen. Eisenhower, said in February 1951 of the alliance:

“If in 10 years, all American troops stationed in Europe for national defense purposes have not been returned to the United States, then this whole project will have failed.”

As JFK biographer Richard Reeves relates, President Eisenhower, a decade later, admonished the president-elect [JFK] on NATO.

“Eisenhower told his successor it was time to start bringing the troops home from Europe. ‘America is carrying far more than her share of free world defense,’ he said. It was time for other nations of NATO to take on more of the costs of their own defense.”


[JFK made serious attempts to pull our troops home ~ but with JFK ending The Zionist’s Federal Reserve and pulling all our troops home from Vietnam as Eisenhower counseled ~ The Zionist Bank Cartel could not swallow anymore financial loses and in turn murdered JFK.]

  1. Exit Strategy: In 1963, JFK ordered a complete withdrawal from Vietnam
  2. Cartel’s Zionist Stooge Lyndon Johnson Extends Vietnam war for Increased Profiteering

No Cold War president followed Ike’s counsel. [Except JFK]

Russia removed the last Rothschild Soviet on Christmas Day 1991. His name was Gorbachev.
Russia removed the last Rothschild Soviet on Christmas Day 1991. His name was Gorbachev.
  1. America’s New Hero ~ Vladimir Putin Stopped Rothschild In 2006!
  2. Egyptian & Libyan Governments Retaliate Against Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood aka; ISIS In Libya.

But when the Cold War ended with the collapse of the Soviet Empire, the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, and the breakup of the Soviet Union into 15 nations, a new debate erupted.

The conservative coalition that had united in the Cold War fractured. Some of us argued that when the Russian troops went home from Europe, the American troops should come home from Europe.

Time for a populous prosperous Europe to start defending itself.

Michael Gorbacheb Last 'Soviet' aka; 'Communist' aka; Rothschild Agent President In Russia. He's here now to Fck Up America For The Centralization Of Money To Rothschild Banking Cartel.
Michael Gorbachev removed from office Christmas 1991. Gorbachev was the Last ‘Soviet’ aka; ‘Communist’ aka; Rothschild Agent President In Russia. Russia in 2006 removed Rothschild and is now a Federation. Gorbachev is now in America with palomino Pelosi  for the Centralization Of Money To Rothschild Banking Cartel via Agenda 21 scheme.
  1. Last Lap Dance Of Obama, Gorbachev, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, And The 5-Year Plans Of Banksters!
  2. ObamaCare Website And The Ukrainian Wheat Farmers: Soviet Gorbachev’s Agenda 21 Within The U.S. Doing The Bidding Of The Rothschild Banking Cabal.

Instead, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush began handing out NATO memberships, i.e., war guarantees, to all ex-Warsaw Pact nations and even Baltic republics that had been part of the Soviet Union.

Many Christians Alive This day would be dead tomorrow because of these two men. President Bill Clinton is greeted by NATO Supreme Commander for Europe Wesley Clark, right, before addressing U.S. soldiers at Task Force Able Sentry Camp 15 miles (25 kms) east of Skopje, Macedonia on June 22, 1999.
Many Christians Alive This day ‘of the taking of this photo’ would be dead tomorrow because of these two men. pResident Bill Clinton is greeted by NATO Supreme [zionist] Commander for Europe Wesley Clark, right, before addressing U.S. [slaved] soldiers at Task Force Able Sentry Camp 15 miles (25 kms) east of Skopje, Macedonia on June 22, 1999.
  1. In Ukraine The West Crossed The Red Line: As Yesterday’s Murderous Thugs ~ Bill Clinton & Wesley Clark ‘Using Our Military’ Crossed The Red Line In Kosovo!

In a historically provocative act, the U.S. moved its “red line” for war with Russia from the Elbe River in Germany to the Estonian-Russian border, a few miles from St. Petersburg. We declared to the world that should Russia seek to restore its hegemony over any part of its old empire in Europe, she would be at war with the United States.

No Cold War president ever considered issuing a war guarantee of this magnitude, putting our homeland at risk of nuclear war, to defend Latvia and Estonia.

Daniel Ellsberg was a military analyst working for the RAND Corporation in 1971 when he provided the New York Times with a series of documents known as the Pentagon Papers. The Times wrote that the papers "demonstrated, among other things, that the Lyndon Baines Johnson Administration had systematically lied, not only to the public but also to Congress, about a subject of transcendent national interest and significance"
Daniel Ellsberg was a military analyst working for the RAND Corporation in 1971 when he provided the New York Times with a series of documents known as the Pentagon Papers. The Times wrote that the papers “demonstrated, among other things, that the Lyndon Baines Johnson Administration had systematically lied, not only to the public but also to Congress, about a subject of transcendent national interest and significance”
  1. Remembering Obama’s Murder Of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi For The Banking Cabalists: Same Criminal Modus Operandi For Syria


  1. Ike did not intervene to save the Hungarian freedom fighters in 1956.
  2. Lyndon Johnson did not lift a hand to save the Czechs, when Warsaw Pact armies crushed “Prague Spring” in 1968. [But zionist Johnson did reverse JFK’s end to the Vietnam War in order to prolong profiteering for the banking cartel who since 1961 usurped the industiral military complex.
  3. Reagan refused to intervene when Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski, on Moscow’s orders, smashed Solidarity in 1981.

Johnson nigger

These presidents [Except Piece Of Shit Johnson] put America first. All would have rejoiced in the liberation of Eastern Europe. But none would have committed us to war with a nuclear-armed nation like [Pre 1991] Russia [which was Rothschild’s USSR] to guarantee it. [Patrick Buchanan needs a refresher course with regards to the traitor Johnson]

Rothschild Czar Lyndon Johnson
Rothschild Czar Lyndon Johnson

Yet, here was George W. Bush declaring that any Russian move against Latvia or Estonia meant war with the United States. John McCain wanted to extend U.S. war guarantees to Georgia and Ukraine.

Rothschild Czar With CIA al-Qaeda aka al-Nusra scheme team to get Syria's Banking System.
Rothschild Czar McCain With CIA/Mossad’s proxy army of various monikers => al-Qaeda aka al-Nusra aka ISIS, aka KLA, aka, Hamas etc scheme team to get Syria’s Banking System.

This was madness born of hubris. And among those who warned against moving NATO onto Russia’s front porch was America’s greatest geostrategist, the author of containment, George Kennan:

“Expanding NATO would be the most fateful error of American policy in the post-Cold War era. Such a decision may be expected to impel Russian foreign policy in directions decidedly not to our liking.”

John McCain Went To Ukraine And Stood On Stage With A Man Being An E.U. Neo-Nazi.
John McCain attempting to get Ukraine into NATO ~ McCain gives a speech in Kiev With An E.U. Neo-Nazi.
  1. Obama & McCain Did This: When Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych Said No To The European Union!
  2. Obama’s NWO Crimes Against Humanity Committed By Kiev Regime: Independent Ukrainian War Crimes Tribunal

Kennan was proven right. By refusing to treat Russia as we treated other nations that repudiated Leninism, we created the Russia we feared, a rearming nation bristling with resentment.

israel isis mossad cia

Russia Checkmates The West: Expect More CIA Mossad Proxy Terrorism, Not Nuclear War

The Russian people, having extended a hand in friendship and seen it slapped away, cheered the ouster of the accommodating Boris Yeltsin and the arrival of an autocratic strong man who would make Russia respected again. We ourselves prepared the path for Vladimir Putin.

While Trump is focusing on how America is bearing too much of the cost of defending Europe, it is the risks we are taking that are paramount, risks no Cold War president ever dared to take.

Why should America fight Russia over who rules in the Baltic States or Romania and Bulgaria?

When did the sovereignty of these nations become interests so vital we would risk a military clash with Moscow that could escalate into nuclear war?

Why are we still committed to fight for scores of nations on five continents?




Jaco Rothschild ~ "The World Is Not Enough"
Jaco Rothschild ~ “The World Is Not Enough”
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  2. The Zionist Elite Have Lost The Consent Of The Governed: Meet The Lecters!
  3. Civil Uprising Escalates Against Rothschild’s City Of London As 8th EU Nation Threatens Referendum
  4. Imminent Arrival Of Rothschild’s Terminal Phase To Their 1913 NWO Totalitarian Experiment: QE To Infinity & Hyperinflation
  5. France: Entire Swiss Branch Of Rothschild’s Banking Empire Under Criminal Investigation Following David De Rothschild Indictment.

Trump is challenging the mindset of a foreign policy elite whose thinking is frozen in a world that disappeared around 1991.

He is suggesting a new foreign policy [Constitution Is Not New] where the United States is committed to war only when we are attacked or U.S. vital interests are imperiled. And when we agree to defend other nations, they will bear a full share of the cost of their own defense. The era of the free rider is over.

Trump’s phrase, “America First!” has a nice ring to it.

Patrick Buchanan

Rothschild’s NATO, & European Union Vassals Are Insane!

Herb Meyer

Herbert E. Meyer, a nutcase who was a special assistant to the CIA director for a period during the Reagan administration, has penned an article calling for Russian President Putin’s assassination.

If we have “ to get him out of the Kremlin feet-first with a bullet hole in the back of his head, that would be okay with us.”

As the crazed Meyer illustrates, the insanity that Washington has released upon the world knows no restraint. Jose Manual Barroso, installed as Washington’s puppet as European Commission President, misrepresented his recent confidential telephone conversation with Russia’s President Putin by telling the media that Putin issued a threat: “If I want to, I can take Kiev in two weeks.”

Memories Of History: When The People Get Fed Up!
Memories Of History: When The People Get Fed Up!

Clearly, Putin did not issue a threat. A threat would be inconsistent with Putin’s entire unprovocative approach to the strategic threat that Washington and its NATO puppets have brought to Russia in Ukraine.

  1. Hungary Kills The Rothschild IMF Banks: Ordered To Vacate Country

Russia’s permanent representative to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, said that if Barroso’s lie stands, Russia will make public the full recording of the conversation.

Anyone familiar with the disparity between the Ukrainian and Russian militaries knows full well that it would take the Russian military 14 hours, not 14 days, to take all of Ukraine.

Just remember what happened to the American and Israeli trained and equipped Georgian Army when Washington set its stupid Georgian puppets on South Ossetia. The American and Israeli trained and equipped Georgian army collapsed under Russian counterattack in 5 hours.

The lie that Washington’s puppet Barroso told was not worthy of a serious person. But where in Europe is there a serious person in power? Nowhere. The few serious people are all out of power.

Consider the NATO Secretary General, Anders Rasmussen. He was a prime minister of Denmark who saw he could rise beyond Denmark by serving as Washington’s puppet. As prime minister he strongly supported Washington’s illegal invasion of Iraq, declaring that “we know that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction.” Of course, the fool didn’t know any such thing, and why would it matter if Iraq did have such weapons. Many countries have weapons of mass destruction.

Pro-War NATO's Anders Rasmussen Attacked With Red Paint: Traitor to his country, to his surname, & to the world.
Pro-War NATO’s Anders Rasmussen Attacked With Red Paint: Traitor to his country, to his surname, & to the world.

According to the rule that anyone who serves Washington is elevated, the cipher Rasmussen was elevated. The problem with elevating unprincipled fools is that they risk the world for their career.

Rasmussen has now put the entirety of Eastern and Western Europe at risk of annihilation. Rasmussen has announced the creation of a blitzkrieg spearhead force capable of blitzkrieg attack on Russia. What Washington’s puppet calls “the Readiness Action Plan” is justified as a response to “Russia’s aggressive behavior in Ukraine.”

Rasmussen’s “lightening spearhead force” would be instantly wiped out along with every European capital. What kind of idiot provokes a nuclear superpower in this way?


Rasmussen asserts “Russia’s aggressive behavior” but has no evidence of it. Russia has stood on the sidelines while Washington’s puppet government in Kiev has shelled and bombed civilian housing, hospitals, schools and issued a constant stream of lies against Russia.

Russia denied the requests of the now independent eastern and southern provinces of Ukraine, former Russian territories, to be reunited with Russia.

For now, the fact is that every act of aggressive behavior is the result of the US and EU support of the Kiev nazis. It is the Ukrainian nazi militias that are attacking civilians in the former Russian territories of eastern and southern Ukraine. A number of regular Ukrainian military units have defected to the Ukrainian Independent Republics.


Yes, Nazis.

Western Ukraine is the home of the Ukrainian SS divisions that fought for Hitler. Today, the militias organized by the Left Sector and other left-wing political organizations wear the Nazi insignia of the Ukrainian SS divisions. These are the people that [Rothschild’s] Washington and the EU support. If the [European Union’s] Ukrainian Nazis could win against Russia, which they cannot, they would turn on the stupid West, just as has the Washington-[created &] funded ISIS that the dumbshits in Washington unleashed on Libya, [Iraq], and Syria.

Now [NWO] ISIS is [attempting to] remaking the Middle East, and [Rothschild] Washington appears helpless [because that is what they want The Muslim Brotherhood to do]. <= In reality ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood are both working for Rothschild’s NWO.

Obama & The NWO Black Flag Of Jihad. Here He Is With The NWO Monikered ISIS.
Obama & The NWO Black Flag Of Jihad. Here He Is With The NWO Muslim Brotherhood Monikered ISIS.

[ISIS is The Muslim Brotherhood]

NWO U.S. & Israel Created ISIS For Absconding Oil-Rich Kirkuk & Basra From Iraq:

William Binney, a former high level official in the US National Security Agency, along with colleagues from the CIA and military intelligence services, have written to German chancellor Merkel advising her to beware of Obama’s lies at the upcoming NATO summit in Wales.

NATO Russia
NATO Russia

Is this an attempt by the treasonist CIA to appear loyal to The U.S. or are these few men a few good men?

The US intelligence officials advise Merkel to remember Iraq’s “weapons of mass destruction” and don’t again be deceived, this time into conflict with Russia.

We do know that the CIA is a branch of the NWO who orchestrate nation state coups for the advancement of The B.O.E. aka; NWO. 

The question is: who does Merkel represent? Washington or Germany? So far Merkel has represented Washington, not German business interests, not the German people, and not Germany’s interests as a country. [But that appears to be changing]

Angela Merkel Germany

My Ph.D. dissertation chairman, who became a high Pentagon official assigned to wind down the Vietnam war, in answer to my question about how Washington gets Europeans to always do what Washington wants replied: “Money, we give them money.” “Foreign aid?” I asked. “No, we give the European political leaders bagfuls of money. They are for sale, We bought them. They report to us.” Perhaps this explains Tony Blair’s $50 million fortune one year out of office.

Saudi Arabia
CLICK to enlarge

Saudi Arabia has dumped the NWO before 2011 and since then has been dealing with the CIA Mossad false flag terrorism on their borders.

  1. Saudi Arabia Dumps United States ‘Petro-Dollar’ As Sole Oil Settlements.

The Western media, the largest whorehouse on earth, is desperate for war. The editorial board of the Washington Post, now a trophy newspaper in the hands of’s billionaire owner, ran an editorial on August 31 that projected all of Washington’s (and the Post’s) lies upon Putin.’s owner might know how to market products on the Internet, but he is hopeless when it comes to running a newspaper. His editors at the Washington Post have made his trophy a worldwide laughing stock.

Julius Streicher Executed By Nuremberg Trials For Crimes Against Humanity By Debasing The Media for Hitler.
Julius Streicher Executed By Nuremberg Trials For Crimes Against Humanity By Debasing The Media for Hitler.

Here are the mindless accusations against Putin from the Washington Post:

  1. Putin, bitterly resentful at the loss of power from the Soviet collapse, has “resurrected the tyranny of the Big Lie” in order to reconstitute the Russian Empire.
  2. “Russian sponsored militias in Ukraine” are responsible for the “shoot-down of the Malaysian airliner in July.” The “Russian state-controlled media” lied and misrepresented to the Russian people the party responsible for downing the airliner.
  3. “In the absence of independent and free reporting, few Russians realize that Russian soldiers and armaments are in action in eastern Ukraine, albeit (as in Crimea) in uniforms and vehicles stripped of their identifying insignia and license plates. With no free media, Russians are left to fend for themselves against a firestorm of falsehoods.”
  4. “Mr. Putin’s Big Lie shows why it is important to support a free press where it still exists and outlets like Radio Free Europe that bring the truth to people who need it.”
  5. As a former Wall Street Journal editor, I can say with complete confidence that such extraordinary propaganda posing as an editorial would have resulted in the immediate firing of all concerned.

I have seen much media propaganda in my day, but this Washington Post editorial takes the cake. The editorial shows that either the editorial writers are completely ignorant or they are completely corrupt and also assume that their readers are completely ignorant.

If Russian military units were in action in eastern Ukraine, the situation would be precisely as Alexander Zakharchenko and Dmitry Orlov describe. Ukraine would no longer exist.

Ukraine would again be part of Russia where it was for centuries prior to [Rothschild’s] Washington taking advantage of the Soviet collapse to tear Ukraine away from Russia.


The question before us is:

How long will Russia’s patience last with the West’s enormous lies and provocations?

No matter how restrained Russia is, Russia is accused of the worst. Therefore, Russia might as well inflict the worst.

At what point will the Russian government decide that [Rothschild’s] Washington’s mendacity, and that of its [Rothschild’s] European puppets and [Rothschild’s] corrupt Western media, render hopeless Russia’s efforts to resolve the situation with diplomacy and unprovocative behavior?

As Russia is constantly accused falsely of invading Ukraine, when will the Russian government decide that as Western propaganda has established that Russia has invaded Ukraine and has imposed sanctions and new military bases on Russia’s borders because of the alleged invasion, Russia might as well go ahead and rid themselves of the problem Washington has brought to Russia and invade Ukraine?

There is nothing that NATO could do about it if Russia decides that Ukraine in [Rothschild’s] Washington’s hands is too much of a strategic threat to Russia and reincorporates Ukraine again into Russia where it has resided for centuries.

germany arrows

Any NATO force sent would be instantly wiped out. The German population, remembering the consequences of war with Russia, would overthrow [Rothschild’s] Washington’s puppet government. [Rothschild’s] NATO and the [Rothschild’s] EU would collapse as Germany departed the absurd construct that serves [Rothschild’s] Washington’s interest at the expense of Europe.

Once this happens, the world will have peace. But not until.

For those who care to understand how the land of lies works, [Rothschild’s] Washington’s puppet government in Kiev attributes the defeat of its military forces by the Donetsk Republic to the presence in the Donetsk army of Russian military units.

This is the propaganda that has gone out to western Ukraine and to the presstitute western media, a collection of whores that echo the propaganda without any investigation whatsoever.

However, Kiev has a different story for the IMF. Kiev cannot receive IMF money with which to pay off its Western creditors if Ukraine is at war. Therefore, Ukraine tells the IMF the opposite story: Russia has not attacked Ukraine.

The Western media remains uninterested in any facts. Just the lies. Only the lies.

The Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, Fox “news,” Die Welt, the French press, the British press all plead: “please Washington give us more sensational lies that we can trumpet. Our circulation needs it. Who cares about war and the human race if only we can regain financial stability?”


Global Research

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