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8th Banker Commits Suicide: JP Morgan Hong Kong & 30 Stories Down!


The man stands on the roof of Chater House in Central as police try to talk him down. Photo: SCMP Pictures

Moments ago a third JPMorgan banker committed suicide, this time at the JPMorgan Charter House Asia headquarters in central Hong Kong, where a 33 year old man who was said to have been an FX trader for JPM, just jumped to his death.

Not much is known yet about the circumstances of the suicide, however according to early reports, the man was 33-years-old, surnamed Lee, and believed to be a forex trader for JP Morgan.

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Commuters noticed the man at the top of Chater House around 2pm to 3pm in the afternoon and called the police but policemen who arrived at the scene failed to convince the man not to jump. The deceased was sent to the hospital immediately but was pronounced dead on arrival. As several lanes on Connaught Road Central were closed because of the incident, traffic in the area were chaotic.

JP Morgan High Level Forex Trader

JP Morgan Forex Trader

Perhaps what is most notable about this particular death is the reference that the man was involved with FX trading: as is well-known, this is a hot topic for banks around the world, as it is expected to be the next Libor-manipulation like bonanza for regulators and enforcers. Did he know too much? ZeroHedge



The missing and the dead: a timeline

January 11, 2014

MISSING:David Bird, 55


January 26, 2014

DECEASED: Tim Dickenson


DECEASED:William Broeksmit, 58


January 27, 2014

DECEASED:  Karl Slym, 51


January 28, 2014

DECEASED:  Gabriel Magee, 39


January 29, 2014

DECEASED: Mike Dueker, 50


February 3, 2014

DECEASED: Ryan Henry Crane, 37


February 6, 2014

DECEASED: Richard Talley, 57


February 18, 2014

Deceased: Mr. Lee, 33

An investment banker at JP Morgan jumped to his death from the roof of the bank’s headquarters in Central yesterday.

Witnesses said the man went to the roof of the 30-storey Chater House in the heart of Hong Kong’s central business district and, despite attempts to talk him down, jumped to his death.

Out of respect for those involved, we cannot yet comment further. Our thoughts and sympathy are with the family that’s involved at this difficult time

Shocked witness said the 33-year-old – believed to be a junior-level employee at the bank – climbed onto the roof shortly after lunchtime.

Police said a man was found in a dangerous position on the roof of Chater House on Connaught Road Central at about 2pm. He threw himself off the building before emergency crews arrived.

He landed on the four-lane westbound carriageway outside the building. A police spokeswoman said the man was taken to Ruttonjee Hospital in Wan Chai, where he was declared dead at 2.31pm.

According to several JP Morgan employees, the man worked for the firm’s investment-banking business in Hong Kong.

An initial police investigation showed he had recently told a colleague he was under heavy work-related stress, according to a police source involved in the investigation. The police said no suicide note was found.

A spokesman for JP Morgan said: “A sad and tragic incident occurred at Chater House, Hong Kong today, which is currently being investigated by the police.

“Out of respect for those involved, we cannot yet comment further.

“Our thoughts and sympathy are with the family that’s involved at this difficult time.”

The news shocked the city’s financial community, as many were quickly informed of the tragedy via social media and real-time communications apps such as WeChat and WhatsApp.

The incident apparently also had some internal impact on JP Morgan’s business activities in Hong Kong.

According to one source, at least one business meeting was cancelled immediately after the suicide happened.

The incident forced police to block part of Connaught Road Central for about two hours, according to witnesses.

JP Morgan takes up the 20th to 29th floors of Chater House, one of the financial district’s landmark high-rises.

Chater House also carries the logo of JP Morgan on the top corner of the building.

The Samaritans Hong Kong 24-hour telephone hotline is 2896 0000

South China Morning Post

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