Iraqi TV Host Breaks Down In Tears At Plight Of Christians: A Rothschild Sharia Law Caliphate ~ Genocide Iraq.

Pope Francis: “Licit To Stop Unjust Aggressor” aka; Rothschild’s NWO Scheme.

(Baghdad) – Iraqi [shiite] security forces and [shiite] militias affiliated with the [Nouri Maliki] government appear to have unlawfully [arrested] executed at least 255 prisoners in six Iraqi cities and villages since June 9, 2014. In all but one case, the [shiite] executions took place while the fighters [Sunnis] were fleeing [Shiite NWO] Islamic State of Iraq and [McCain’s Syrian NWO] Sham (ISIS) and other [Shari] armed groups. The vast majority of security forces and militias are Shia, while the murdered prisoners were Sunni. At least eight of those killed were boys under age 18.

  1. Genocide Watch: Iraq
  2. Rally Against Genocide in Iraq, August 2014
  3. Muslim Brotherhood ISIS Iraq: Abducting, Killing, Expelling Minorities Too
  4. Experts Warn That Obama Escalates Genocide Of Sunni Majority In Iraq ~ To Impose Sharia Banking Laws By Shiite Minority.

Rothschild Shiite Sunni



International Human Rights Watch: Set International Inquiry Into Massacre Of Sunnis by Nouri Maliki Shiite Security Forces & McCain Syrian ISIS NWO Allied Militias.

Human Rights Watch

REMEMBER???????????? Rothschild Nazi Liberators execute Polish Civilians.
Rothschild Nazi Liberators execute Polish Civilians. ‘Who Took The Picture & Why’?
Culling Of Roman Catholics. Muslim Brotherhood Jihad Kosovo Yugoslavia Under The Moniker Of The KLA.
Culling Of Roman Catholics.
Muslim Brotherhood Jihad ~ Kosovo, Yugoslavia 1995 Under The Moniker Of The KLA. CLICK

U.S. controlled media’s dialogue is that ISIS is Sunni, this is false. ISIS was armed and supplied through John McCain of The United States Of America.

Rothschild Czar With CIA al-Qaeda scheme team to get Syria's Banking System.
Rothschild Czar McCain with well paid and happy CIA al-Qaeda scheme team to get Syria’s Banking System. Al-Qaeda was created by the treasonous CIA. This Al-Qaeda changes its moniker to ISIS and descends into Iraq sitting on the backs of a fleet of Toyota Tundra’s to help Maliki stay in power through organized chaos for him to declare ‘state of emergency’. You see, Maliki is a genocidal puppet maniac for Rothschild’s NWO and they are trying to institute Sharia Financial Law but the majority population of Iraq are Sunnis and they are against Sharia Financial Law. Real Shiites reject Sharia Financial Law too [Like Iran], but Rothschild has usurped the name here too for his nefarious lust for wealth by creating an iron fist sharia financial law through the Muslim Brotherhood political faction established during WWII. Yes Muslim Brotherhood was born out of the Shiite name to hide under and have been the Middle East Henchmen for Rothschild’s banking cabal. Real Shiites reject the Muslim Brotherhood political faction ~ just look at Egypt, where Obama’s NWO has totally failed and the Muslim Brotherhood are being judicially executed right and left and their muslim brotherhood ex-president who was deposed July 2013, now sits in prison for murder conspiracies. ‘Who Took The Picture & Why’?

Muslim Brotherhood’s Slaughterhouse Of Christians: Obama & McCain’s Muslim Brotherhood Free Syrian Army

McCain’s U.S. Armed & Created Al-Nusra Rebels In Syria : Turn To Murdering Roman Catholic Priest Fr. François.

Updated Treason Fact Sheet On Obama al-Qaeda (CIA) Alliance, With Questions For Congressional Investigators!

Another Banker Dead: IRAN Executes Rothschild Billionaire On $2.6 Billion Bank Fraud ~ Used Fraudulent Funds To Implement Agenda 21 In Buying State Property. 

The mass extrajudicial killings are evidence of war crimes or crimes against humanity, and appear to be revenge killings for atrocities by ISIS, a Sunni extremist group [This is a false narrative but a narrative that the NWO sought to create] [ISIS are mercenary ‘whatevers’ and the real Sunnis who want to defend against the maniacal NWO are with the Kurds]

ISIS has convoys of brand new matching Toyota's the same vehicles seen among admittedly NATO-armed terrorists operating everywhere from Libya to Syria, and now Iraq. It is a synthetic, state- sponsored regional mercenary expeditionary force.
Muslim Brotherhood Monikered As ISIS Under The Black Flag Of Jihad. McCain’s Syrian Outfitted ISIS mercenaries have convoys of brand new matching Toyota’s, the same vehicles seen among admittedly NATO-armed terrorists operating everywhere from Libya to Syria, and now Iraq. It is a synthetic, state-sponsored regional mercenary expeditionary force. Its all Rothschild Banking Cabal’s Middle East Henchmen.

[The Moniker ISIS is also used inclusively for Al-Qaeda, for Al-Nusra, KLA, and all for organized chaos to establish Sharia Financial Law For Rothschild’s Iron Fist control of The Middle East to prop up the Kissinger petrodollar] that in the past month has captured large areas from the Shia-led central government. [Nouri Maliki ordered his Shiite Security forces to stand down in these areas allowing the defeated al-Qaeda aka; ISIS from Syria, to appear as though their numbers are able to dictate control through force ~ nothing could be further from the truth, their numbers are very very small ~ but with Obama sending Hellfire missiles and drones to Maliki, well the stage is set for a Hollywood get the popcorn]

Actual Toyota ISIS ~ Interesting eh?
Actual Toyota ISIS ~ Interesting eh?

[al-Qaeda who changed their name to] ISIS, which on June 30 then changed their name to ‘Islamic State’ , summarily executed scores of captured soldiers, Shia militiamen, and Shia religious minorities in areas it controls. [ Yes NWO al-Qaeda aka; ISIS, aka; al-Nusra, aka; KLW are all loyal to McCain who pays their checks aka; cash through absconded U.S. printed bailout money. ~ Yes it was necessary for them to kill some of their own to cause waring polarity] [We see this all the time in Hollywood movies].

“Gunning down prisoners is an outrageous violation of international law,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch.

“While the world rightly denounces the atrocious acts of [NWO McCain Created In Syria] ISIS, it should not turn a blind eye to [NWO Fomented] sectarian killing sprees by [Nouri Maliki’s] government and [Other Rothschild Mercenary] pro-government forces.”

America's Nuremberg Right Around The Corner. Click To Enlarge
America’s Nuremberg Right Around The Corner. Click To Enlarge

An international commission of inquiry or a similar mechanism should investigate serious violations of the laws of war and international human rights law by all sides in the Iraq conflict, including by [Nouri Maliki] government forces, [Sharia Financial Law] pro-government militias, and [McCain’s NWO] ISIS and [al-Qaeda, al-Nusra] associated forces, Human Rights Watch said.

The inquiry should be mandated to establish the facts, and identify those responsible for serious violations with a view to ensuring that they are held accountable. The inquiry should collect and conserve information related to abuses for future use by judicial institutions.

noose hang

Human Rights Watch documented five massacres of prisoners between June 9 and 21 – in Mosul and Tal Afar in northern Nineveh province, in Baaquba and Jumarkhe in eastern Diyala province, and in Rawa in western Anbar province. In each attack, statements by witnesses, security forces and government officials indicate that Iraqi [Shiite] soldiers or [Shiite] police, [Nouri Maliki] pro-government Shia militias, or combinations of the three extrajudicially executed the [Sunni] prisoners, in nearly all cases by shooting them. In one case the killers also set dozens of [ Sunni] prisoners on fire, and in two cases they threw grenades into [Sunni] cells.

no shariah

More than a dozen residents and activists in the attack areas told Human Rights Watch they believed that as ISIS began freeing Sunni prisoners [ Ruse to befriend the Sunni name to their NWO orchestrated atrocities] elsewhere as it advanced south, [Maliki’s] Iraqi security forces and [Shiite] militia killed the [Sunnis arrested] prisoners to prevent them from joining the rebellion [pure bullshit][this was the ruse to murder the Sunnis], as well as to avenge ISIS killings of captive government troops [YAWN]. The murder of detainees during armed conflict is a war crime and, if carried out on a large scale or in a [NWO Nouri Maliki] systematic manner, as a state policy, it would be a crime against humanity.

[Nouri Maliki] Iraq’s government has in the past denied allegations that it summarily executed prisoners. The Defense and Interior Ministries did not reply to requests for comment from Human Rights Watch on the five cases it documented.


Human Rights Watch interviewed more than 35 people in person or by telephone about the five attacks. They included witnesses and relatives of those killed, security and other government officials, and local activists. Many had fled their homes and spoke on condition of anonymity, fearing reprisals by [Nouri Maliki] government forces. Human Rights Watch also reviewed video footage, still photos and media reports of the killings.

Reuters news agency, quoting police sources, reported that in a sixth attack, on June 23 in central Babil province, [Nouri Maliki] police executed 69 [Sunni] prisoners in their cells in the city of Hilla before transferring their bodies to Baghdad later that day.

The [Nouri Maliki] government has been fighting [aka KILLING] Sunni armed groups in Anbar since January 1.

[McCain’s NWO ISIS] and other Sunni [Hijacked Name Of Sunni] armed groups captured Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city and capital of Nineveh province, on June 10, then moved through other areas across Iraq.

[ Mosul Is All Sunni to begin with ~ Its The Hometown Of Saddam Hussein A Sunni ~ this is the stupidest dialogue at trying to bastardize Sunnis.

[Remember how the NWO bastardized & orchestrated the hanging of Sunni Saddam Hussein who decoupled from the Kissinger petrodollar and was backing the Iraqi Dinar with gold?]


The majority of [Sunni] prisoners killed in the five attacks had been rounded up under article 4 of Iraq’s anti-terrorism law, but had not been charged with any crime [SOUNDS LIKE NDAA EH?]. Some had been imprisoned for months, while other [Sunnis] were detained shortly after ISIS began its takeover of Mosul on June 9.

In the first attack, on the night of June 9, prison guards removed 15 Sunni prisoners from their cells at the Counterterrorism and Organized Crime prison, in the heart of Mosul, a former prisoner told CNN. The prisoner later told Human Rights Watch that the men were Sunnis from the minority Turkmen community. Amnesty International quoted a second prisoner as saying the guards removed 13 prisoners and that he then heard gunfire. A short time later, both prisoners said, a prison guard threw a hand grenade into one cell. The prisoner who spoke with Amnesty said six [Sunni] prisoners were killed in the grenade attack.

 Nouri al Maliki is reducing the predominantly Sunni cities of Fallujah and Ramadi to rubble, killing and maiming hundreds of men, women and children daily, under the pretext that they are terrorists. Indeed America is even providing Maliki with the weapons to carry out these atrocities. Struan Stevenson: Iraqi PM(al-Maliki) should be indicted and charged with crimes against humanity.
Nouri al Maliki is reducing the predominantly Sunni cities of Fallujah and Ramadi to rubble, killing and maiming hundreds of [Sunni] men, women and children daily, under the pretext that they are terrorists. Indeed America [Obama] is even providing Maliki with the weapons to carry out these atrocities.
Struan Stevenson: Iraqi PM (al-Maliki) should be indicted and charged with crimes against humanity.

Struan Stevenson MP from Scotland chairs the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq. Stevenson says that an onslaught against supposed Al Qaeda terrorists in 6 Iraqi Provinces is no more than a cover for the “annihilation of Sunnis opposed to the increasingly sectarian Shia policies of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Two days later, Mosul residents discovered 15 decomposing [Sunni] bodies of men who had been shot, and in some cases handcuffed or blindfolded, near an abandoned potato warehouse in Mosul, two residents and the prisoner who spoke with Human Rights Watch said. That prisoner said he went to the site and recognized two fellow prisoners who had been among the 15 [Sunni] men led away by the [Nouri Maliki] prison guards.

In one of the following attacks, on June 16 in Tal Afar, 50 kilometers west of Mosul, three or four gunmen whom witnesses said were Shia militiamen opened fire with assault rifles and other weapons in four cells of that city’s Counterterrorism and Organized Crime prison. Witnesses, local government officials, and local civil society activists told Human Rights Watch that the attack killed at least 51 [Sunni] prisoners. The attack took place before dawn, as [McCain’s NWO Terrorists] ISIS was poised to capture Tal Afar, and the dead included three teenage boys, they said.

John McCain Went To Ukraine And Stood On Stage With A Man Being An E.U. Neo-Nazi.
John McCain Went To Ukraine And Stood On Stage With An E.U. Neo-Nazi.

The Neoliberal Neo-Nazi Coup in Ukraine: McCain’s Ukraine Rapid Eye Blinking ~ Video

I Day Before Boston Bomb & Texas Missile Attack: CIA, Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., & Barack Obama Indicted By U.S. Congressional “Constitutional Task Force” For Crimes Against Humanity!


The counterterrorism prison in Tal Afar is a branch of the counterterrorism prison in Mosul, a local government official said. Both were under the control of the Interior Ministry, whose acting head is Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

That same night, according to police and government sources, 43 [Sunni] detainees were killed inside the al-Wahda police station, near Baaquba, the capital of Diyala province, 50 kilometers northeast of Baghdad. Police sources told Human Rights Watch that the prisoners died in crossfire during an [McCain NWO] ISIS attack on the prison, but other local civil government officials said that prison guards and Shia militiamen killed the [Sunni] prisoners [Same Thing].

A medical worker at Baaquba general hospital, where first responders took the dead [Sunni] prisoners, told Human Rights Watch that he saw the 43 [Sunni] bodies. All were shot in the head execution-style and their limbs were broken, he said. Another detainee, Ahmed Zeidan, the only known [Sunni] survivor, died the next day an hour after [ Nouri Maliki] police took him from the hospital where he was being treated.

Iraq Denomination: Sunnis - 60% Shiite - 38% Christian - 2%
Iraq Denomination:
Sunnis – 60%
Shiite – 38%
Christian – 2%

The medical worker said the [Nouri Maliki] police came for Zeidan shortly after he told the Diyala governor, Amer al-Mujamaii, from his hospital bed that [Nouri Maliki] prison guards and Shia militiamen carried out the attack. When the [Nouri Maliki] police returned Zeidan, the medical worker said, he was [convenient eh?] dead. The medical worker said he saw bullet wounds in Zeidan’s stomach and legs, which had not been there ~ before he had been taken away from the hospital.

Obama al-Maliki

On the morning of June 17, pro-government Shia [aka shiite] militiamen killed at least 43 [Sunni] male prisoners inside an army base in the village of Jumarkhe, also in Diyala. At least three were boys, said a man who saw the bodies and a soldier from the base. All were Sunnis whom [Nouri Maliki] Iraqi forces had rounded up a week to 10 days earlier from Jumarkhe and surrounding villages, and all had been burned to death or shot, they said.

obama glove

America’s Military Is Used As A “Dumb Beast” To Kill And Destroy For Rothschild’s NWO Scheme.

In Rawa, on June 21, soldiers from the al-Jazeera and Badiyya operations command, which oversees the [Nouri Maliki] Iraqi government’s military operations in Anbar province, killed 25 [Sunni] prisoners and injured three others whom they were holding in their military base, according to a Rawa resident who found the [Sunni] bodies in the prison a short while later and spoke to the three [Sunni] survivors. The survivors told him [Nouri Maliki] police killed the prisoners, he said, and two were boys ages 12 and 16.

Two days later, on June 23, 69 [Sunni] prisoners were killed in Hilla, according to figures police sources gave to Reuters. Hilla’s governor told Reuters that the [Sunni] prisoners were killed as police were transporting [All Set Ups] them from a prison in Hilla to another prison in Baghdad when armed opposition [Shiite] militants attacked the convoy. But police sources told Reuters that [Nouri Maliki] police extrajudicially executed the men in their Hilla prison cells. [All Genocide Of Sunnis To Establish Rothschild Iron Fist Sharia Financial Laws].

Human Rights Watch spoke to 16 residents, two local human rights activists and 10 local government officials. Those with knowledge of each episode said that [ NWO Sharia] militia from the Badr brigade, headed by Transport Minister Hadi al-Ameri, were involved in the attacks on the [Sunni] prisoners in Tal Afar and Jumarkhe, and that Asa’ib Ahl al-Haqq, a powerful pro-government Shia militia active in Baghdad, areas around the capitol, and Diyala, also carried out the [Sunni] killings in Jumarkhe and facilitated the [Nouri Maliki] police in the prisoner killings in Baaquba.

NWO placed a new Shia-dominated government in Iraq into power. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has since handed down four death sentences against Sunni Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, who is in exile.
NWO placed a new Shia-dominated government in Iraq into power. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has since handed down four death sentences against Sunni Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, who is in exile.

An international inquiry into violations of the laws of war and international human rights law by all sides in the Iraq conflict investigation should include examining whether [Nouri Maliki] security forces, working with [Shiite] pro-government militias, have pre-emptively killed [Sunni] prisoners. The United States and other countries engaged in Iraq should halt military assistance to the Maliki government until it takes concrete steps to halt crimes like killing [Sunni] prisoners, Human Rights Watch said.

China Russia Naval Exercises July 12, 2014
China Russia Naval Exercises July 12, 2014

Do You Really Think Rothschild NWO Gives A Shit About Their Proxy Hired ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, Islamic State Middle East Terrorists?

Where was their charity for Japan, Haiti, Indonesia, etc etc.

These sociopaths simply want leveled landscape for their own BOE ‘Bank Of England’ coffers.

Russian Su-25 Sending McCain's ISIS To Allah.
Russian Su-25 Sending McCain’s ISIS To Allah.


Here Is Where ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, Islamic State Middle East Terrorists Who Were Essentially Hired To Die

Maliki [NEEDS TO FACE JUSTICE HIMSELF] also needs to remove and prosecute all commanders involved in these slaughters, Human Rights Watch said. Killing prisoners, even those who were combatants, is a war crime.

“In each case that Human Rights Watch investigated, the accounts we heard point directly to [Nouri Maliki] Iraqi security forces and [McCain’s Syrian ISIS] pro-government militia slaughtering captive [Sunni] men in large numbers as [McCain’s Syrian ISIS] ISIS and [ NWO orchestrated ruse] allied fighters were poised to seize the area,” Stork said.

rothschild sharia bank

Middle East Rothschild Banking Puppet Regimes Are Collapsing: Kissinger’s Petrodollar Going Down Faster Than A Whore On Overtime!

“This isn’t one rogue commander on the loose – this seems to be a widespread campaign of killing Sunni prisoners in cold blood.”

For additional details on the cases Human Rights Watch documented, please go here.


If you really know the NWO, The Queen Is The Figure Head Of This Scheme,  Rothschild Banking Cabal Are The Monetary Looters, And ISIS? well its their own demented way of importing their values upon history. They desperately want something for nothing, by controlling us and using our taxed wealth ~ now thats an evil pipe dream eh?

Much of humanity has suffered at their hands by unknowingly trusting the un-trustable and then finding out too late after the venus fly trap snaps shut.

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