Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon Suicided 24 Hours After Indictment: Major Threats To Deluded Elite’s Energy Agenda

The car crash site of Aubrey McClendon, former CEO of Chesapeake Energy, in Oklahoma City on March 2, 2016.
The car crash site of Aubrey McClendon, former CEO of Chesapeake Energy, in Oklahoma City on March 2, 2016.

Aubrey McClendon, a founder and former chief executive of Chesapeake Energy, died in a fiery single-car crash Wednesday, a day after he was charged with conspiring to rig bids for oil and natural gas leases.

McClendon, 56, crashed into an embankment while traveling at a “high rate of speed” in Oklahoma City just after 9 a.m. local time, said Capt. Paco Balderrama of the Oklahoma City Police Department. Flames engulfed McClendon’s vehicle “immediately,” Balderrama said. He added that police determined McClendon was not wearing a seatbelt after earlier being unable to tell.

Aubrey McClendon
Aubrey McClendon

“He pretty much drove straight into the wall,” Balderrama said.

He said police still needed to determine an exact cause of the crash, but a medical event was “possible.” McClendon was expected to turn himself in at 11 a.m., Balderrama added.


Energy Tax
Obama’s NWO EPA Bible: 38 Xs Longer Than The Holy Bible!

Major Threats Posed To The Elite’s Alternative Energy Agenda

….The modern sustainability movement is antithetical to that. It’s also in a lot of trouble now. The whole green movement is teetering as a matter of fact because of low oil prices.

It is cheaper than ever to use oil, coal and gas. The ridiculous “peak oil” concept that we’ve spent years debunking has been shattered into a thousand pieces.

Energy is an incredibly manipulated resource. There’s plenty of energy in the world, all kinds of it.

But in order to prop up the petrodollar, Western elites did their best to ensure that most oil came from the Middle East.

In fact oil is probably abiotic and is plentiful around the world.

In the late 1800s, John D. Rockefeller sent geologists to a chemistry conference in Europe. Their instructions were not to return until they could establish that oil was biological. Rockefeller then branded oil a “fossil fuel” in order to make it abundantly clear that oil was destined to run out.

Cut to the 21st century. The Internet era has exposed elite scarcity manipulations. Perhaps because they are so well known by now, elite manipulators are not trying to hide the manipulations anymore.

The goal of arriving at a more comprehensive world government has apparently trumped oil-scarcity propaganda. The low price of oil also destabilizes the US’s current number one “enemy” – Russia. America’s New Hero ~ Vladimir Putin Stopped Rothschild In 2006!

Saudi Arabia

But the main goal it would seem is to destabilize the petrodollar. Thus Saudi Arabia, once a staunch US ally, is being shaken by low oil prices in order to shatter the dollar reserve currency.

The idea apparently is to create an international currency built out of numerous currencies. The dollar must be weakened as part of this currency evolution.

The way this is being done is by making oil plentiful around the world via fracking. Fracking is an old technology, but suddenly it has arrived on the scene full-fledged, just in time to participate in Saudi Arabia’s downfall.

[Saudi Arabia Is Aligned With China ~ Saudi’s know how corrupt the west really is ~ as in 2011 the western Rothschild cabal tried to take out Saudi Arabia. Western Cabal wants to control all of M.E. and do not want to payback their Kissinger debt to S. Arabia. Because Saudi Arabia decoupled the Kissinger Petrodollar from their oil, U.S. Mossad sent into Yemen their Muslim Brotherhood al-Qaeda to foment instability just as they had in the Ukraine against Russia] ~ Volubrjotr

Such is the determination to create a global currency that the elites have been willing to destabilize not only the petrodollar but “sustainability” propaganda itself.

Wind and solar power in particular are being destabilized by low oil prices.

[ There will be a strong rebound to oil prices due to artificial suppression Russia Invests $500 Million In Venezuela’s Orinoco Oil Fields & $14 Billion In Gas Production Before Oil Returns To Hit $200. ]

A Catallaxy Files article posted in late February makes the point that while the UN is “trying to organise a reaffirmation meeting in April by national leaders of the sacred emission reduction pledges they made in Paris last December, reality is moving against it.”

The collapse of energy prices is undermining the policy and shifting still further into the future the mirage of competitive renewable energy.

The disappointment of this to green advocates is a position shared by IEA chief Fatih Birol, who regrettedly said, “all the strong renewables and energy efficiency policies therefore may be undermined with the low fossil fuel [fossil fool] prices.”

Stolen Oil For Israel
Stolen Oil For Israel

[Oil Is Renewable ~ Oil Is Abiotic]

Transition from oil to renewable energy 100 years away, says Exxon Mobil
Another Hundred Years Of A World Fueled By Oil – Wall Street
Oil Will Dominate for Next 100 Years, Predicts Shell

The Deep Hot Biosphere: The Myth of Fossil Fuels

Russia – deep, abiotic petroleum origins

The question that will now occur to readers is two-fold.

  1. First, how does sustainable energy support the move toward globalization?
  2. Second, why are elites destabilizing a movement they have worked so hard to build?

The sustainable energy movement is pro-globalization in two ways. It creates complex alternative sources of energy that are produced by huge “farms.” And it discourages the use of oil and coal that are easily acquired on a local level.

The goal is always the same: Remove power from the individual and his circumstances and circumscribe “human action.”

Pope Francis Speaks To Three million people who have gathered on Rio beach for mass.
Pope Francis Speaks To Three million people who have gathered on Rio beach for mass.

The Reset: Exorcism Of The New World Order ~ The Laudato Si.

But pursuit of a destabilized petrodollar is also destabilizing the “alternative energy” movement. This just shows how determinedly elites are pursuing their larger, globalist goals. The green movement is being shattered on the altar of petrodollar reduction.

Please watch the Hegelian dialectic at work here. The “sustainability” movement has been built up laboriously and sustained by advantageous, government-sponsored price controls. But now that movement is being ruptured by the manipulation of oil prices.

The outcome is that most desired social evolution: chaos. Over time, the world’s economy must be ripped to pieces before it can be reassembled. That’s what is going on now. The globalist alternative energy movement is sacrosanct no more.

Remember the 1970s? Then, a whole slew of solar and wind power companies eventually went out of business. The same thing is probably destined to happen again, though for slightly different reasons.


If you want to invest in alternative energy, you are better off doing so on your own terms. Buy a house-sized wind or water facility and gain your profit or savings in this fashion rather than by investing in large alternative-energy enterprises. Perhaps the busts have not yet started in earnest, but if oil stays down, doubtless they will.

The Daily Bell

World's Largest Orchestrated Eco~Terrorism.
World’s Largest Orchestrated Eco~Terrorism ~ Forget Fukushima.

B.P. Oil Spill & Deadly Corexit May Kill Millions Of U.S. Citizens: U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserves Stored In Collapsing Salt Domes On Coast Of Louisiana!

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