Charter Schools: Rothschild’s System Of Corporate Governance Of Children!

“What is so mind boggling is that all of this [Charter Schools] is being financed by the American people themselves through their own taxes.

In other words, the American people are underwriting the destruction of their own freedom and way of life by lavishly financing through federal grants the very social scientists who are undermining our national sovereignty and preparing our children to become the dumbed-down vassals of the new world order. It reminds one of how the Nazis charged their victims train fare to their own doom.” – Samuel L. Blumenfeld

 Obama, the cabal puppet, has continued the Bush onslaught against public education and initiated a new attack through what he calls his “Race to the Top” initiative. Actually, it constitutes a race to the bottom for American students.

“The basic idea is to force state governments to compete for $4.35 billion in federal assistance, with the money going to those states which do the most to promote charter schools, utilize standardized testing, and weaken workplace rules for teachers.

Hermes Press 

Solution Is To Remove Government From Education And Back Solely To The States Where It Is (Constitutional).


The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America

Following is Charlotte Iserbyt‘s position on Chartered Schools.

School Choice: No Choice (Limited Learning for Lifelong Labor)

The significance of the charter school/school choice issue is NOT related strictly to educational choice. It is related to acceptance of a [Rothschild] communist system of governance where decisions are made by appointed, not elected officials. Appointed officials cannot be removed from office by voters/taxpayers.

Widespread acceptance of this aspect of communist governance — as it relates to education (U.S.A. has 17,817 operational school districts [2] that COULD well come under this non-elective system) — will make it EASIER to usher in the unelected system across the board at the local level to the county, to the state, to the Congress, to the White House level.

That will spell the end of elected representation and our freedoms established under the Constitution of the United States of America. We will be a totalitarian state.

The trashing of the schools as centers of academic learning has been planned since Carnegie Corporation in 1934 published its Conclusions and Recommendations for the Social Studies.

The report called for moving the United States from a free market system to a planned economy (Rothschildism) necessary for U.S. participation in the “new world” (p.11-12), and “new order” (p.35, 36).

With our schools and our children successfully dumbed-down, “they” (identified later in this article) can count on public outcry for “change” in how schools are operated, as well as parental acceptance of charter schools.

Parents will accept any solution to the tragic situation facing their children today — including charter schools with unelected representation.

But how many realize that the purpose of charter schools is not academic, but to establish a replacement structure that will focus on training for the workforce (or more simply put: limited learning for lifelong labor).

Wilhelm Wundt 1832-1920
“Wundt’s theories had great appeal for the Rothschilds (Narcissistic Self Appointed) and . . . suited their plans for humanity perfectly. Wundt asserted that humans are devoid of spirit and self-determinism (and hence free will) and that man is just the sum of his experiences. This atheistic, materialist philosophy dominated his approach to study of the human psyche. Indeed in practical terms he virtually denied the existence of the psyche and this enabled him to reduce the study of ‘man’ to an external, physiological examination of stimulus and response. He said:

‘The situation-response formula is adequate to cover learning of any sort, and the really influential factors in learning are readiness of the neurones, sequence in time, belongingness and satisfying consequences.'”

Ron Chapman, “Dumbing Down US Education: Part II–Wundtian Psychology & Rockefeller Finance, Oct 29, 2009

Changing governance

Rothschild Czar Soviet Communist Mikhail Gorbachev. He had to resign because the people were getting fed up with Rothschild's communism bilking operations.
Rothschild Czar Soviet Communist Mikhail Gorbachev. He had to resign because the people were getting fed up with Rothschild’s communism bilking operations.

Soviet Union [A Rothschild Banking Scheme] Was Shut Down By The People On Christmas December 25, 1991.

“Mr. Dodd, all of us who have a hand in the making of policies here have had experience operating under directives, the substance of which is that we shall use our grant-making power so to alter life in the United States that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.” 

Norman Dodd (in a meeting with Rowan Gaither, President of the Ford Foundation, during Congressional Hearings to Investigate the Tax-Exempt Foundations, 1953)

What we are looking at is the carrying out of what Gaither explained to Dodd. Our Constitutional elective representative form of government is being replaced with a communist [aka; Rothschildism]/regional/unelective/appointive system of government.

In a speech to the Soviet Central Committee on November 2, 1987 (published by Novosti Press Agency Publishing House), Mikhail Gorbachev, then General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, said:

“We are moving toward a new world, the world of communism. We shall never turn off that road.”

Gorbachev hit the ground running upon his arrival in America.  His mission of converting American military bases to global centers for sustainability came just two years after he resigned as president of the Soviet Union on Dec. 25, 1991.
Gorbachev hit the ground running upon his arrival in America. His mission of converting American military bases to global centers for sustainability came just two years after he resigned as president of the Soviet Union on Dec. 25, 1991.

What more evidence do we need of the global slide into communism than the remark made by Mikhail Gorbachev in London, England on March 23, 2000 that referred to the European Union (EU) as “the New European Soviet.”

If Gorbachev views the EU in that way, it only stands to reason that the North American Union (NAU) — modeled on the EU, and being implemented as I write – would be the “New American Soviet.”


In order to understand what is happening in the United States, think of our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and way of life as a three-legged stool. All three legs are being removed from this stool in order to complete the “merger of the United States with the Soviet Union” (now known as global governance, regionalism, international socialism, sustainable development, New World Order, etc.)

Putin Socialism


The three legs of the stool can be described as follows.

Traditional United States Constitutional Form of Government as it relates to education (Taxation WITH Representation):

First leg: 

Under unhindered, old-fashioned Free Market Capitalism all children have access to a K-12 academic public school education — overseen by elected school board members whose decisions represent the wishes of the taxpayers who elected them. K-12 education is followed by vocational training or higher education, if desired. This classical academic education has nothing to do with school-to-work training. It allows students to become literate in the so-called ABCs and exposes them to history, art, music, sports, literature, and the world around them.

Second leg: 

All government (taxpayer-supported) entities including those at local, county, state, and federal levels are managed by elected, repeat elected, not appointed boards, officials. If enough voters are unhappy with elected officials’ decisions, they can vote them out of office to be replaced by citizens who hopefully will represent their wishes.

(On the other hand, the regional appointive system of governance is being used with charter schools. The appointive system does not allow voters — who pay the taxes that support public-funded charter schools — to remove persons whose decisions do not represent the majority of voters. Charter schools are “taxation without representation” and the concept should undergo a Constitutional challenge in the courts.)

Third leg: 

Classical Education allows for free will. Your children, with the help of teachers, are allowed to think creatively and figure things out for themselves. Students are not subjected to the behavior modification techniques used in totalitarian societies.

Communist (Regional) Governance

First leg: 

Communist Pavlovian workforce training education in which government/corporation partnerships determine how many welders, doctors, ballet dancers, etc. are required for the planned economy. In addition to President Reagan signing the U.S.-Soviet cultural, educational, and scientific exchanges agreement  with Soviet Communist Party General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev during the 1985 Geneva Summit (which began to merge the two educational systems), the Reagan administration also initiated the public/private partnership concept (which commenced the school-to-work agenda) by establishing the White House Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives.

I served as a liaison from the U.S. Department of Education to the White House Task Force. I asked if this new arrangement was not “corporate fascism?” The response was: “I GUESS I DIDN’T LOOK AT IT THAT WAY”

Under this partnership arrangement between schools and business, occupations are determined by around the seventh grade, and in some cases during elementary school. Students are “trained” for particular jobs or career paths, as well as attitudes and values necessary for life in the “brave new world of communism”. These schools are gradeless (no K-12) and non-competitive (no A, B, C, D, E, F grading system), and use Pavlovian-Skinnerian Outcomes/Performance/Results-based education in conjunction with the computer and its values-changing software to train, not educate.

The aforementioned restructured system is being implemented right now in the United States. This type of education/training is promoted by The Reinventing Schools Coalition (RISC) — “a nonprofit foundation established to transform education systems around the world” – using the “RISC Approach to Schooling.”

Second leg: 

Out with the old and highly successful representative (elective) form of government; in with the failed unelected communist/regional form of government.

Implement “charter schools” (with their unelected/appointed boards) on a massive scale (17,817 school districts!). Thirty-nine states plus the District of Columbia have passed charter school legislation. There are eleven holdouts. God bless them. With charter schools there is NO accountability to taxpayer! You have NO say in how your money is spent.

Don’t forget: regionalism, which does away with elected boards, is communism. In his 1975 article “Planning is Socialism’s Trademark,” Morris Zeitlin, a communist writer for The Daily World (newspaper of the Communist Party USA), wrote how well regionalism has worked in the Soviet Union! 

Remember => The Soviet Union Is Dead As Of 21 December 1991, but Rothschildism is still alive via ‘communism aka; socialism, aka; national socialism, aka; fascism, aka; marxism, aka; anything that will chaos the nation state for centralization to the banks ‘ism’.  Rothschild Bankers are always looking for a Nation State to bilk.

— Volubrjotr

Once citizens are accustomed to schools being managed in this way — in order to change from academics to workforce training — citizens will not be concerned when ALL entities/agencies at the town, city, county, state and federal levels of government are run by appointed councils (soviets). Start with the schools nationwide and then spread the communist regional, unelected council (soviet) form of governance into every area of our lives.

How long will it be before we have an unelected commissar in the White House?

Much of the regional governance system is already in place and has been operating on a second track, parallel to our Constitutional track, for at least 50 years. The internationalist termites, in and out of Congress, have been waiting to push the button for the regional system to jump track and to replace the Constitutional system. This latest neocon/Obama-supported charter school move is probably the pushing of that button to move our whole country into the unelected board system. It may well be the final blow to our Constitutional form of government for which millions of Americans have fought and died for during the history of the United States.

Third leg: 

Citizens are considered human resources (animals to be trained from birth to death:

UNESCO’s lifelong education under the umbrella of the unelected community commissar) using Skinnerian/Pavlovian operant conditioning. Bells and whistles used in the classroom and rewards and punishments for use in classroom and community are the wave of the future.

Such manipulation has already been inflicted on my town where the Community Oriented Police System (COPS) has the local police handing out medals to citizens who do good deeds! The police determine if the deed merits a medal.

Since the schools will use computers to teach and train, our children will be captive to what B.F. Skinner referred to as his “box” and totally conditioned as robots to serve the international state. For part two click below.

(Major communist change agent, the late Paul Mort, New York City, said in the late sixties that it takes 50 years to bring about major change.” He certainly was on target.)

left right democrat republican

Collusion Between the Right and Left

“The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers.

Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy.” 

– Dr. Carroll Quigley (former historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, and Bill Clinton’s mentor at Georgetown University), “Tragedy and Hope,” 1966, p. 1247, 1248.

This article deals with the role of the neoconservatives with help from the Obama Administration, and high up leaders of major teacher unions — NOT REGULAR CLASSROOM TEACHERS!

Organizations such as the neoconservative Heritage Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, the Gates Foundation and other foundations and members of Congress) are supporting/creating charter schools, unaccountable to the taxpayers who fund them and not subject to customary public school regulations. Thus, the last nail is being pounded into the coffin of our free REPRESENTATIVE form of government.

Your ELECTED school board [authorizes/watches over] the board of directors of a charter school. Here’s a flow chart of Washington

For example, here is Delaware’s Law.

§ 504. Corporate status.

(a) A charter school shall be organized and managed under the Delaware General Corporation Law.

(b) The board of directors of a charter school shall be deemed public agents authorized by a public school district or the Department with the approval of the State Board to control the charter school. No person shall serve as a member of a charter school board of directors who is an elected member of a local school board of education.

(c) A charter school shall be considered a public school for all purposes.

(d) A charter school may sue or be sued to the same extent and on the same conditions as a public school district, and its employees, directors and officers shall enjoy the same immunities as employees, directors and officers of public school districts and other public schools. The approving authority of a charter school shall have no liability for the actions or inaction of a charter school.

Those pushing for charter schools know that they have to get rid of elected school boards in order to be able to change education from academics to totalitarian workforce training.

Elected school board members cannot be expected to eliminate their role of overseeing the expenditure of taxpayers’ hard-earned money and/or the shift from academic education to workforce training. So, “off with their heads”, so to speak. Move to appointed boards whose role is to implement the changes.

Rothschild Czar H.W. Bush
Rothschild Czar H.W. Bush

California’s Parent Trap

California’s recently passed Parent Trigger law (which in reality is a Parent Trap) allows parents in 75% of its low performing schools (usually minority schools) to create charter schools.

(Here we go again with legislation targeting the low-performing minority students in the “grand experiment” to train for the workforce.


In the Foreword to my book the deliberate dumbing down of america, educator and writer Samuel Blumenfeld says the following regarding taxpayers who continue to support what is presented to them as “change,” in this case unelected charter schools for workforce training:

“It reminds one of how the Nazis charged their victims train fare to their own doom.”

For those who believe the teachers unions are opposed to charter schools, please listen: NEA leadership actively supported the 1995 Washington State push for charter schools. And the NEA (at the top) has been working with David Rockefeller, the late McGeorge Bundy, et al in changing NEA policy/agenda.

Lynch Noose

How curious that the neoconservatives blame teachers’ unions for the dumbing down of our children, when the union LEADERSHIP is in bed with the neoconservatives on communist workforce training and charter schools? (Did you know Russia has charter schools, and that charter schools are international?)

Isn’t it interesting that the neoconservatives rarely call for abolishing the U.S. Department of Education which has been and is the primary culprit in deliberately dumbing down our children (wrecking the traditional American system of education — happening right now — so it can be replaced by Soviet workforce training? The dialectic at work big time!)

Interesting Indeed! But What About All 4 Republican Presidential Candidates calling for the end of the U.S. Department Of Education? Again here’s the video. What ever happened?

— Volubrjotr

Why? Because neocons are in bed with the left and the union/international corporate community which needs the U.S. Department of Education to collect and analyze data regarding workers’ attitudes and beliefs, global economic performance, and workforce needs.

So which is worse Public School or Public Charter School?

— Volubrjotr

Maine’s Story

The Maine Heritage Policy Center (MHPC), a state affiliate of the national Heritage Foundation, is pushing for unconstitutional charter schools in Maine. In the past, MHPC has brought speakers from abroad into our state to promote regionalism/consolidation/communism.

We in Maine recently, with the help of Maine’s Tea Party, elected a Governor who we had hoped would continue Maine’s successful opposition to charter schools. Our state is one of the eleven states to resist the lure of federal money in order to get charter school approval.

We, true conservatives and traditional teachers, are most concerned that our new Governor is being influenced by The Maine Heritage Policy Center to support the concept of charter schools.

You CAN have Charter schools w/o Federal Funding, yes its harder but possible. Also you can teach your children at home like all 7 of Romney’s kids!

— Volubrjotr

Meddling with state policy

The Maine Heritage Policy Center (MHPC) is one of the national Heritage Foundation clones determining socialist policy in all our states. Heritage Foundation was founded and funded by Richard Mellon Scaife (That’s Chase Mellon Bank and Rockefeller) to the tune of $900,000. Heritage Foundation supports the North American Free Trade Agreement and approved of President Reagan signing the U.S.-Soviet cultural, educational, and scientific exchanges agreement (1985).

On December 30, 2010, I corresponded with Stephen Bowen, an MHPC staff member. The following excerpts are from my letter and relate to the dangers of charter schools:

“After 35 years of research on public education, including serving as a school board member and as Sr. Policy Advisor in the U.S. Department of Education, I believe I have a sound view of what works and what does not work in education and, yes, you are quite correct, I do have a complete understanding of the conspiratorial forces which have resulted in our nation’s children having close to the worst academic test scores in the world today.

Those who reject the conspiratorial view of history do themselves and the nation a great disservice. Please tell me how it is possible for the USA to have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on education (totals over a trillion) over the past 100 years and to have seen nothing but a decline in academic test scores and an increase in immorality? Isn’t there something amiss here?

“I doubt that you read my article since if you had, you would definitely see the conspiratorial role of the tax-exempt foundations, amongst others, in changing our education system from one which previously focused on academics to the corporate fascist workforce training model we are looking at today. This model, interestingly enough, has been promoted by the Carnegie Corporation from the early nineteen hundreds to the present.

The U.S. Congress in the early fifties held Congressional Hearings on the role of the tax-exempt foundations role in subverting American education. You can read the entire 3000 pages of those hearings.

I paid $3000 to purchase the ONLY existing copy of the transcript of those hearings. The foundations, 20 years ago, offered the person from whom I bought that copy, ‘any $ amount’ in order to get a hold of that one copy. He refused to sell it to them for any price. They quite obviously did not want the information contained in the transcript to reach the American people.

“My article has very important quotes documenting the fact that ‘yes, there has been a monumental conspiracy to dumb down our children and to change their values so they will march to the globalist drummers.’ Also, you may read my 700-page book the deliberate dumbing down of america…A Chronological Paper Trail, 1999, which is a free pdf download. The few remaining copies were sold last week.

The history of what happened to our schools is very clearly outlined in that book.

“Charter Schools, regardless of how good they may be, are ‘taxation without representation’ and, although those promoting them decry the influence of the U.S. Department of Education on local schools, charter schools MUST administer the federal test, the NAEP, which is at least 40% attitudinal, in order to continue receiving federal funding.”

I have research going back to the sixties on the need for charter schools. The internationalist Aspen Institute started the whole movement, starting with recommendations for site based management, school choice, vouchers, tuition tax credits, etc.

Marjorie Ledell, a leading change agent educator, close to William Spady and others, said in an article in the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development’s (NEA spinoff) Educational Leadership, January 1994 entitled ‘To OBE or Not to OBE’ the following:

‘Finally, raise the real issue and depend on democracy. Don’t let ‘to OBE or Not to OBE’ or ‘to implement or not implement efforts to improve student learning’ cloud the overdue national debate about whether public education should exist or be replaced with publicly funded private education.’

“Ledell is obviously looking forward to federally-funded charter schools with no accountability to the taxpayers (taxation without representation.)

I am 100 % opposed to the use of computers to teach our children. There is massive research, from educational experts in the field of technology, who agree with me. My book contains most of that research. I support students learning ‘how to use the computer’, not the use of software to brainwash them.

Dustin Heuston of the World Institute for Computer Assisted Instruction said ‘We’ve been absolutely staggered by realizing that the computer [Skinner’s ‘Box’–Ed.] has the capability to act as if it were ten of the top psychologists working with one student . . . You’ve seen the tip of the iceberg.

Won’t it be wonderful when the child [‘your child, parent! ’–Ed.] in the smallest county in the most distant area or in the most confused urban setting can have the equivalent of the finest school in the world on that terminal and NO ONE CAN GET BETWEEN THAT CHILD AND THAT CURRICULUM?

We have great moments coming in the history of education.’

50 State Flags In Their National Cathedral
50 State Flags In Their National Cathedral

A warning to other states:

“Please re-read my article ‘The Death of Free Will’ a pdf here. (click on Articles). If you don’t have time to read the whole article, please be sure to click on the links and to read the C.S. Lewis quotes.”

Let our experience here in Maine be a warning to citizens in other states who are fighting charter school legislation. Also, consider alerting legislators that any charter school legislation will be followed by lawsuits based on the Constitutionality of Charter Schools. Such a lawsuit is pending in Georgia which has 200 charter schools, all created under the direction of the Georgia Public Policy Association, a Heritage Foundation affiliate. For part one click below.

News With Views

By Charlotte Iserbyt

jennings school

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