Got Physical Silver ~ Perhaps Physical Gold?

From PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler:

Holding physical gold and silver remains the primary hedge in preserving the purchasing power and liquidity of one’s wealth and assets in the difficult times ahead. The hedge needs to be held into and through the crisis, in order to provide its full benefit.

– John Williams,


Orchestrated Hyperinflation Coming: Analysis By The Numbers.

Why Is Physical Silver & Gold Tied To The Cartel’s Paper GLD & SLV ETFs Churning Scheme At The COMEX?

I can’t figure out if the Fed/Wall Street bullion banks understand that every time they smash the price of gold with fraudulent paper gold contracts, it creates massive physical delivery demands in India and Asia. But based on the market data in India/Asia, it would appear that the latest price take-down of gold has aroused the a sleeping gold giant in India.

2016 Silver Liberty

The western banker gold cartel has made about a billion Indians really happy. The paper gold price-management mechanism used to knock down the price of gold these past few weeks has stimulated a ground-swell of demand for imported [physical] kilo bars into India.

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For the first time in several months, the ex-duty price of gold in India has been high enough to trigger heavy importing of kilo bars into India this past. This is in addition to the heavy flow of dore bars and smuggled gold – the amount of which is completely ignored by the World Gold Council’s accounting of India’s imports.

The same is true for Asia: “Individuals as well as business were picking up physical gold, as they see this pullback as an opportunity,” said Brian Lan, managiincreng director at Singapore-based gold dealer GoldSilver Central – LINK.

Big Lebowski

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2016 Silver Eagles SaleAs with every case of Central Bank/Government market intervention, unintended consequences always emerge to make the “problem” at which the intervention was directed even worse. In this case, artificially lower gold prices have prompted a surge in eastern hemisphere buying.

fraud nullification debt

These eastern Central Banks have been busy dumping Treasuries over the last 18 months. It’s likely that they will use this opportunity to convert even more Treasuries into physical gold.

As John Brimelow, of the highly regarded “John Brimelow Gold Jottings” asserts: “‘Someone” is going to have to work a great deal harder next week with China back and India in action, really for the first time this year both have been buyers.

Silver Doctors

An employee shows off silver and gold bullion bars engraved with dragons at a gold shop in Beijing.
An employee shows off silver and gold bullion bars engraved with dragons at a gold shop in Beijing. Everything Is Awesome Right Before The Entire Economy Collapses: No Problem For Iceland As They Jailed The Bankers & Nullified The Debt.

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