Russia & Iran Send Iranian Warships To U.S. Maritime Borders: Counter Iraq Sending Oil To Muslim Brotherhood In Jordan & Turkey For New Front Against Syria.

Iranian Warships
Iranian Warships

Iran‘s military fleet is approaching the United States‘ maritime borders, and this move has a message,” the agency quoted Admiral Afshin Rezayee Haddad as saying.

9 February 2014: It’s easy to downplay or even dismiss the threat by Iranian warships said to be on their way to sail close to U.S. maritime borders if one merely looks at this move as taking place in a geopolitical vacuum.

The problem is that we are not residing in such a vacuum, and the majority of Americans are not understanding the significance of events that have been taking place since the planning phases of the “Arab Spring.” The American public is not getting the truth from the White House or the Western media that appears to be covering for, if not facilitating the Obama agenda.


To Date Rothschild Has Lost In Egypt, Russia, Iceland, Iran, Hungary, & Is Loosing In China,

Rothschild Too Big To Jail? Russia, Egypt, Iceland, Iran, China, & Hungary Say No!

You Don't Mind Dying For The Rothschild Mafia Do You?
You Don’t Mind Dying For The Rothschild Mafia Do You?
How is this relevant to Iranian warships reportedly planning to prod the U.S. maritime borders? To understand why this is happening, we’ve got to understand the bigger picture.

The Obama agenda, as it is for now and as it has been since day one is the Saudi [Rothschild] agenda. That agenda calls for the toppling of various governments and the installation of an Islamic Caliphate under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood.


The Muslim Brotherhood!

Muslim Brotherhood Is The Rothschild Banker’s Concocted Middle East Political Group Using Head Cutter Sharia Law Scheme For Murderous Totalitarianism.

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British Muslim Brotherhood Created By Freemasonry
British Muslim Brotherhood Created By Freemasonry

Janet Napolitano Hires $12 Million Supporter Of Hamas ~ Mohamed Elibiary

“No one can be a true Muslim and a true American simultaneously.”—Wafa Sultan

As an aside, I might ask whether the selection of Barack Hussein Obama is starting to make more sense now, and whether the mystery funding by foreign (Saudi) [Rothschild] interests to his campaign also is beginning to make sense. Might this not place the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S. government into appropriate context as well? But I digress.

To understand why Iran seems to be suddenly stirring things up, you’ve got to understand the “back-story.” Not the fairy tales manufactured by the Obama regime or it’s media sycophants, but the real, difficult to accept accounting of our involvement in the Middle East.

If you’ve read my numerous reports about Benghazi, you’ll already understand that our continued push to rid Syria of Assad would be answered through asymmetrical means.


Through this movement of Iranian war ships, we are witnessing the movement of chess pieces in this game of global, 3-D chess. We must keep in mind that this game has different boards, layers and pieces.  The Iranian ships are but one piece on one board. There are many others, each inter-related.

Simply put, Iran is a proxy nation of Russia, much like North Korea is a proxy nation of China. Both Russia and China have military and economic interests in Syria, which is the back door to Iran.

Under Obama, the puppet attached to Saudi [Rothschild] strings, this agenda played a central role in unceremoniously dispatching Gaddafi to his final reward under the pretext of freeing an oppressed Libyan people. You might recall the glee expressed by former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton when given the news that Gaddafi was finally out of the way.

Iran Rothschild

At the same time, the U.S. NATO, the U.S., and several other allies, including Saudi Arabia [Rothschild], were already engaged in a proxy war with Russia and Iran in Syria. Key to toppling Assad was, and still is, supplying arms and trained fighters to assist the “anti-Assad rebels.”

Obama's 2014 assault Upon Syria Through Genocide Inside Iraq.
Obama’s 2014 assault Upon Syria Through Genocide Inside Iraq.

This was the purpose of the CIA compound in Benghazi. As I pointed out along with Michael Reagan in his article Building on a kernel of truth, northern Africa, and specifically Libya served as a virtual Ho Chi Minh trail of Muslim Brotherhood supply lines arming the rebels.

McCain, Lieberman, & Graham are all Rothschild Agents Within The United States Congress.
McCain, Lieberman, & Graham are all Rothschild Agents Within The United States Congress.

Before the operation could wind down in Benghazi, the logistics hub for the planning and staging these arming operations, the CIA compound was the site of a coordinated, pre-planned attack by groups affiliated with Iran and by proxy, Russia. Syria held and continues to hold military and economic importance to Russia, and Putin made it clear that meddling in Syria could start World War III. That’s what we were doing then, and that’s what we are still doing now.

The Russian missile cruiser Smetlivy. Protecting Syria
The Russian missile cruiser Smetlivy. Protecting Syria

After exposing to the world (except for the media lapdogs who continued to provide cover for Obama and his handlers) what the U.S., the British, French, the Saudis [Rothschild] and others were up to in Libya, plans had to be altered. The Kerry State Department, under orders from Obama, gave the green light to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to open a new front to arm the anti-Assad rebels in Syria through the western portion of Iraq—the al Anbar Province. You might recall that Kerry announced that the U.S. would not provide any military assistance in Iraq to stop ISIS and their affiliates. As such, the objective to topple Assad continues, just not in the manner initially desired.

As I reported in my previous columns and on my radio show, Putin is not about to allow our covert assistance to oust Assad and destabilize Syria to go unanswered.

While he might feel temporarily restrained by the potential influence of Saudi [Rothschild] controlled terrorism at games at Sochi, we can expect him to come out swinging after the Olympic games at Sochi conclude.

While the Iranian warships are certainly no match for our navy, it is important to understand that we are seeing a geopolitical game of 3-D chess play our before us. Like chess, moves are calculated far in advance and often, moves are made for purposes other than direct confrontation. Sometimes, moves are made to spread out the other player’s pieces. Make no mistake, the Iranian ships are pieces on this board and under Putin’s control.

NorthEast Intelligence Network

Russia's Modernized Naval Fleet
Russia’s Modernized Naval Fleet

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