Iraq Offensive, Kirkuk Oil Is Now Fully Under Iraqi Military Control: New Oil Pipeline Bypasses US Politically Controlled Kurdistan Region

Absconded Iraqi Oil by US interests in Kurdistan Region Via Turkey To Port Ceyhan For Israel. Now the tables have turned and Iraq has taken control over the US controlled Kirkuk.
  1. Iran, Iraq, And Turkey Unite To Block Kurdish Oil Exports: Netanyahu Owes Iraq $1.5 Trillion For Stolen Kirkuk Oil

Iraq’s military has effectively gained control of major assets and government buildings in Kirkuk city, and is now set to fully pacify it after overnight clashes at a moment when oil prices rose toward a six month high as the conflict now threatens output.

Iraq’s elite Counter-Terrorism Force has taken over the provincial government headquarters in the center of Kirkuk after operations to seize the city from Kurdish forces began overnight – the contested city is now reportedly under the control of Iraqi national forces.

  1. Iraqi Oil Surges 30% To China & 23% To India Surpassing Saudi Arabia As Fastest Growing Market
  2. Iraq is going to claim hold of the Kirkuk oil and bypass Kurdistan region transferring the oil via Turkey to Ceyhan port


Photos Of U.S. Forces Assisting ISIS Terrorists ~ A U.S. Israeli Mercenary Proxy Army

Some of the first footage Western audiences woke up to Monday morning were of (ironically enough) US supplied [seized] equipment – including tanks, being used to bulldoze images of Iraqi Kurdistan President Masoud Barzani.

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Iraqi forces have further pulled down Kurdish flags flying over government buildings throughout the city, while leaving the Iraqi flag flying.

The Iraqi advance on the oil-rich and ethnically diverse previously Kurdish-held city was lightning fast and largely without a major fight – aided by the fact that some Kurdish [Very Small breakaway group from Kurdistan] Peshmerga fighters [US Israeli Terrorists] fled their posts as national militias advanced, which is a reflection of Iraqi Kurdistan’s own political divide: one faction within the PUK Peshmerga (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) is relatively pro-Baghdad, making the Iraqi advance easy in sections of the city held by the group.

Sunni Kurds Fighting US Israeli ISIS In Iraq, Turkey, & Syria.
  1. Sunni Kurd Female Warriors Fighting U.S. Israeli ISIS In Iraq & Syria

And though Kurdish media frequently highlighted footage of armed civilians taking to the streets Sunday and Monday, the city’s large Turkmen population as well as the up to 20% Arab and Assyrian population generally fears and rejects [US Israeli] Kurdish dominance over the region.

The Kurdish opposition party PUK, whose fighters allowed Iraqi forces to enter parts of the city, confirmed Monday that it allowed the breach after reaching an agreement with the Iraqi military even as fighters representing the governing Kuristan Democratic Party (KDP) continued to battle.

A Peshmerga [politically controlled by US Israel] spokesman, however, warned that the  “government of Abadi bears the main responsibility for triggering war on the Kurdistan people, and will be made to pay a heavy price.” The Peshmerga further accused those PUK factions which refused to fight of “plotting” against the Kurds and committing “a great and historic treason.” [This is another polarity game by the deep state of the US]

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (R) greets Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in Tehran on June 20, 2017. (Photo by IRNA)

[Abadi was educated [brain washed] in London ~ home of the “banking cabal deep state” 

Most Kurds are anti-West but the US deep state does have a hold inside the Kurdistan region of Iraq. That said, its a house of cards but never the less it must be addressed. Kurdistan region is part of the Iraqi Constitution of 2005, but its also in the plans by the deep state to orchestrate their “Greater Israel’ scheme to control all oil in the M.E.

Iraq is going to claim hold of the Kirkuk oil and bypass Kurdistan region transferring the oil via Turkey to Ceyhan port ~ so the deep state again is left floundering ~ this is a very good move for Iraq.

Iraq has just increased its supply of Oil to China by 30% and to India 23%.

The financial measuring stick is transferring from fiat derivatives to finite gold/silver. China, India, Russia are all about gold/silver backing the exchanges in yuan/ruble/rupee. JP Morgan at the CBI is in a sweat box ~ there are clouds on the horizon for corrupt bankers.

Soon Iraq will be free.]

Majority Sunni Minority Shiite
  1. Moscow And Ankara Urge For Unified Iraq: Kurdistan Region’s Legal Status Is Fixed In The Iraqi Constitution Of 2005 ]

A PUK Peshmerga commander, Wista Raool, told the New York Times that his party seeks the return of contested oil fields to the federal government:

Mr. Raool accused Mr. Barzani and his party of “stealing” the oil from the Iraqi government. Many members of the P.U.K., which maintains its own pesh merga force, opposed the referendum vote because it was led by Mr. Barzani.

  1. Iran, Iraq, And Turkey Unite To Block Kurdish Oil Exports: Netanyahu Owes Iraq $1.5 Trillion For Stolen Kirkuk Oil

But northwest of Kirkuk city, Kurdish fighters defending oil fields administered under Barzani’s KDP party vow to never surrender to the Iraqi army or its Shiite paramilitary forces:

The commander of forces there, Kamal Karkokly, said in an interview at his command post Sunday that his fighters would not surrender their positions. “We have enough weapons,” Mr. Karkokly said. “We can fight as long as we have to.”

Though oil production continued without interruption throughout the end of last week and over the weekend, even as reports of fighting south of Kirkuk surfaced, Reuters [Reuters owned & operated by deep state Rothschild] reported early Monday some 350,000 barrels per day (bpd) of production was temporarily shut down from major fields Bai Hassan and Avana due to security concerns as Iraqi forces entered Kirkuk.

This helped spur a jump in world oil prices Monday [bull], and markets remain unsettled. Kirkuk oil fields produce 10% of Iraq’s total output. However, Kurdish officials are now disputing that the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) ever gave the order to halt production:

The Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) on Monday denied rumors of oil production being shut down following the recent violence in Kirkuk Province. Ashti Hawrami, MNR’s minister of natural resources, ordered the resumption of full production from oil fields in Kirkuk after a brief interruption.

  1. Iraqi Oil Surges 30% To China & 23% To India Surpassing Saudi Arabia As Fastest Growing Market

Meanwhile, a senior Baghdad oil official told Reuters  [Reuters owned & operated by deep state Rothschild] after Iraqi forces entered the city that,

“We’ve got confirmation from military commanders that it’s a matter of a very short time,” and added, “our brave forces will regain control of all Kirkuk oil fields and then we will restart production immediately.”

This morning, the US embassy in Baghdad issued a statement calling for calm on both sides, and reiterating the common cause of fighting ISIS:

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  3. US Military Pulls Their Own Las Vegas: Slaughters 45 Innocent Civilians In Syria

  1. Netanyahu Using UN To Deceive World: Renders Aid To ISIS ~ An Israeli U.S. Proxy Army
  2. Netanyahu Transferred Injured ISIS Terrorists From Syria To Israeli & Jordanian Hospitals

We support the peaceful exercise of joint administration by the central and regional governments, consistent with the Iraqi Constitution, in all disputed areas. ISIS remains the true enemy of Iraq, and we urge all parties to remain focused on finishing the liberation of their country from this menace.

Ironically, the US has given military aid to both sides which were previously partners in anti-ISIS operations, which is why US equipment is increasingly appearing on either side of the firefights.


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